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  1. Red Dragon

    Need 8ft. 2nd gen bed

    I took the bed off of my 2001, Dodge, single wheel, to install a flatbed. It is complete, and even has a bedliner. Metalic silver. I am not on-line very often. For fastest response please call 208.739.3285
  2. Red Dragon

    Need hauling

    Oh yeah...I need to get six moved
  3. Red Dragon

    Need hauling

    Sorry, I have not been keeping up. I do not have a width right now, but it defiantly would require a trailer. Here is the pic below – I hope it comes through! J The tables are 10’ long when opened out.
  4. Red Dragon

    Cold Weather

    Neat story! It is encouraging to hear how well the did. Tell your buddy that if he ever gets caught running the off-road diesel the fine will cost him more than buying a real truck:stir! Seriously I was told years ago that it was $10k! Right now I regret that I did not take it apart, but I did want to do it in the cold. It must have been gelled. It should not have been!
  5. Red Dragon

    ITD Shooting & Ride Event

    I would like to join you guys, but no promises. Could you keep me in the loop on it. Probably just join for a day.
  6. Red Dragon

    FOR SALE: Power/Heated mirrors

    Perhaps, I got it used, so they may be added. Yep, they look exactly like the newer trucks. So, are you saying your mirrors do not roll out?
  7. Red Dragon

    FOR SALE: Power/Heated mirrors

    "non-towing" ? I have an 01 with stock fold out mirrors. Are mine know as towing mirrors?
  8. Red Dragon

    Cold Weather

    I asked, the unmanned store in Fruitland does NOT put bio in their fuel. They claim it will hold until -12 with additive that they already put in. Beyond that the only recommendation they had was mixing with some stove oil.
  9. Red Dragon

    Need hauling

    I need to get some commercial style dinning tables from Fairfield, Idaho. Is anybody coming or going that direction with lots of extra room? Fortunately we have time. We need to have them by mid June. Earlier would be preferable. Baring that, I will be going that way "sometime" with an empty stock trailer on the way over, and full coming back.
  10. Red Dragon


    I really should. I have been meaning to get out there for a couple years, and it is in my backyard! I have a few things to take care of first, but keep me posted.
  11. Red Dragon

    Cold Weather

    "Once in a while"? Well, every time I change the fuel filter. My manual says every 250 miles. Does anybody actually do it that often?? Yes, I do collect the fuel. Is there anything to look for besides water? Is there anything I can check the filter for? I was told that it actually got down to -15 Monday night. Either it warmed up during the night or the thermometer I was viewing was inaccurate. Either way I guess it was cold enough.
  12. Red Dragon

    Cold Weather

    Does the bio fuel gel worse? This Sinclair has gas without ethanol, so I hoped they had cleaner diesel too. The Redline claims to raise the c-tain and improve cold starts. I have not been running any additive for some time. Might there have been more water/junk than it could handle at one time?
  13. Red Dragon

    Cold Weather

    I was in Donnely overnight. It was 0 or below when I started my truck. It had been plugged in all night, and the valve covers were warm to the touch. It started great, and I was just rolling up the cord when it died. This time it did not want to start. With multiple tries, waiting for the fuel pump to catch up, and even some starting fluid (yes I know I should not have) I finally got it going. I last filled it at Sinclair in Fruitland, and added an entire bottle of Redline, so it should not have been iced up. Fuel filter changed 6k miles ago. What have I missed? I have heard much better reports of Dodges starting.
  14. I am planning on being there.