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  1. just an update on the 'burb Muddy, Have put on just over a 1000 miles and I'm getting 17 mpg all city driving. Had the sprag clutch on the transmission go out and burn up the 3 - 4 bands and I lost overdrive (just happen to be on the way back from Vale Oregon, so that turned into a nice, long, no faster than 35 drive). After a very expensive trip to Bobby's transmission she's up and running like a champ again. I'm planning a road trip to Eastern Idaho and then Northern Idaho so when I get some solid highway mpg's I'll post again.
  2. The Earthpig

    CDR Valve 6.2 Chevy

    Why is the Crankcase Depression Regulator for a 6.2 chevy so hard to find. I could only find it at RockAuto.com and it cost me $63. None of my local auto stores have them and when I ask for one they give me that "it's not in their computer so it must not exist look". Has GM phased out the CDR valve and replaced it with something else. If not is it safe to clean the old CDR valve and reuse it.
  3. Sorry Moon, I gave some serious thought to selling her to you but after driving it I fell hard for it, and couldn't bring myself to let her go.
  4. The Earthpig

    Treasure Valley Dude

    Hey all, I'm the Treasure Valley Dude that was lucky enough to score that 85 'burb from Muddy. So far so good, had to replace the brake light switch, and just finished doing a complete service on her, and she is one happy truck. The more I drive it the better I like it. Now my wife wants to get rid of her odyssey and wants me to find her a two wheel drive diesel 'burb. So if any you folks know of one that your would trust your wife and kids in let me know. Thanks all Jason Meridian, ID