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  1. MT765

    The 2008's

    Anybody seen one at a dealer yet? Do you think you will be able to drive these new diesels through a stubble field without starting a fire? I highly doubt it. I wish I could hear one, but nobody has a sound clip yet! :cry: What do you guys think of the new 08's???
  2. MT765

    ATS E-Power Tuner

    Well Bullydog is really close to me, but through some circumstances, I have had bad luck with customer service. Well, the ATS is on it's way and so far the e-mails from them have been very speedy. At least we will know what their tunes are like.
  3. MT765

    ATS E-Power Tuner

    I might have been a little too hasty in ordering this for my 7.3, but have any of you guys got one, is it very good? My bullydog was trying to burn up my transmission so I took it off and ordered the ATS. I hope I made a good decision.
  4. MT765

    YAY... More Ford Guys

    Looks like a cool place, with people around the area!