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  1. riverrat

    selling my 97 dually

    have a new ad http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/1351763955.html
  2. riverrat

    selling my 97 dually

    no I don't think I need a dakota right now
  3. riverrat

    selling my 97 dually

    will still have a cummins so no shame in that:cheer:
  4. riverrat

    selling my 97 dually

    yea went and got a 6 speed
  5. riverrat

    selling my 97 dually

    here is a link to craigslist http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/1334099676.html
  6. riverrat

    putting out feeler. 2000 7.3 P/S motor

    20 mi north of spokane on 395
  7. I will have a 2000 S/D 7.3 P/S motor for sale in a few months. It has 240,000 mi on it bone stock. I bought the truck for the 6 speed trans. will be putting my 12v cummins in it. so should be complete with computers don't think I will need them. oil pressure is about 3/4 up the gauge and doesn't move even at idle, temp stay about 1/3 up the gauge. even with A/C on stays right there. seems to start fine hot or cold, idle is steady. maint records were kept. oil looks purdy clean even w/ mi I've put on it so far. truck was used as a salesman/lite hauler truck for a landscaping bus. if interested and would like to check it out before I pull it let me know. I haven't a clue as to what the motor is worth w/ whatever computers I don't need for the gauges etc.
  8. riverrat

    1985 Ford gasser problem

    shocks will do it to also check the toe in should be about 1/8" I had a rig that did that to and it was the shocks. And yes it was a ford.
  9. riverrat

    1989 dodge 5.9 TBI question

    actually they do, they are good for about 40,000 mi. then they get slow to respond. If you use a analog meter you can see it, when new the needle movement is fast and stays close to .6 volt mark as computer is making adjustments (they are 0 to 1 volt output) as they get miles on them, they don't resond as quick but not out of the parameters to set a code. when they really get bad you will have surging going down the hiway at a steady speed.
  10. riverrat


    It's the same on 2&3 gens just did one about 3 weeks ago on a 98 12v http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/dev/showthread.php?t=64438
  11. riverrat

    Post Falls, ID Diesel Dinner Dec 20th

    I can be there
  12. riverrat

    Eastern Wa/North Id GTG

    never mine reread post
  13. riverrat

    Eastern Wa/North Id GTG

    what time?
  14. riverrat

    Eastern Wa/North Id GTG

    sure not working right now so almost any time pm w/ phone #
  15. riverrat

    Eastern Wa/North Id GTG