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  1. DLittle

    1973 W100 with 5.9

    I used 1" heavywall square tube and 1/4" plate. It mounts to the engine mounts.
  2. DLittle

    Calling March 2010 BOMB party Attendees

    Vaughn pm D/UNIT and see if he remembers the tote/bin.
  3. DLittle

    1973 W100 with 5.9

    Here's some more pictures & video. Video
  4. DLittle

    1973 W100 with 5.9

    Hey Brain, Didn't you know the MSD adds 100HP I've got a 1976 W100swb w/ idaho title I'd let go for not much . shoot me a pm with your email I'll send you some pic's
  5. DLittle

    1973 W100 with 5.9

    piston pump w/ 3/8 fuel lines 1993 radiator installed 1993 I/C installed in 1973 W100 Ht3b w/ 22cm hotside installed Ht3b and I/C installed Just a few more pictures. Had truck running but didn't get to drive yet. need to bleed brakes and finish putting fender and hood on. Also have 7" of snow on the ground and it's cold.
  6. DLittle

    1973 W100 with 5.9

    Will do !!!! Should be fun when it's done.
  7. New project 1973 W100 with the running gear and 5.9 out of my wrecked 93.
  8. New dyno #'s and 1/4 mile times. Here's the #'s what do you think ?
  9. DLittle


    Thanks for the carfax Marty.
  10. DLittle

    steering gear

    I don't think that there is any differance in the boxes. The 4wd box mounts to a plate and then to the frame and the 2wd just mounts to the frame.
  11. DLittle

    3rd Gen wheels on my 1993

    Thanks for the replies guys. It's amazing what a set of wheels can do for the looks of a truck.
  12. DLittle

    3rd Gen wheels on my 1993

    Thanks Brian