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  1. 03CUMMINS

    New guy with a question

    Well I went and seen Pat today, (Great Guy) I got some bad news tho, sounds like its the injectors. But the good news is that if I have to replace then I guess I will just have to go BIGGER.
  2. 03CUMMINS

    New guy with a question

    Thank you all for taking the time to give me some advice. I will see about getting a hold of Pat to check out my injectors. This sight is awesome.
  3. 03CUMMINS

    New guy with a question

    The shop that worked on it told me that my injectors and pump all test within spec. I have checked for leaks and so far have found none. When I replaced the filter I also replaced the O-ring on the cap. I have been told that it could be getting air in the system, and have tried to eliminate that theory. Tho it could still be a possibility. I was wondering if it could be the check valve bleeding off, or the rail pressure sensor?
  4. 03CUMMINS

    New guy with a question

    I have a 03 dodge with a starting problem. No codes, cranks and cranks and cranks with no start. A tiny shot of either later and its runnin. Had it to a shop, they replaced hp connectors and charged me a butt load to do it. Needles to say, still the same issue. I took it back and they then told me that my performance module was bad, but 2 days later I'm back to the same problem. Any Ideas???