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  1. Dead truck

    I didn't do it this week but I did recently put a gauge on the hpop to confirm cup is accurate and it was within 5-10lb
  2. Dead truck

    Yes the tach moves and is enough rpm to start. The cps is recently new. Hoop res is full. Cup is only reading 200psi. Traced ipr wiring back to connection on the wheel well and test continuity by chance a wire was bad between connectors that I didn't see I also tested the pin connector at ipr and had 12v with the key on but have no way to test it beyond that I know of. The put control is my #1 suspect. Is 5th ecm in control of ipr?
  3. Dead truck

    Sorry to leave the thread hanging. I ran real good the last time I posted and the next day it wouldn't fire again I have put new under valve cover harnesses and soldered new pig tails because I had a loose wire to a glow plug that made me think there could be a crack shorting out the harness. I am still concerned about low hpop pressure. I put in a new IPR and did a leak down test in the heads to make sure I didn't roll or tear an oring on the injectors. Each side held 150psi for half an hour. I'm really stumped and suspicious of electrical issues controlling the ipr and afraid it might have to go to town to a diesel shop and I just hate the thought of that. If you guys have any last minute thoughts or help I would appreciate it
  4. Dead truck

    Hoop showed up yesterday and so far so good. Still have to run the truck some more to flush the coolant system but hoping for the best. Thanks guys
  5. Dead truck

    Not to change the subject but has anyone here done something different with the crankcase breather from the valve cover to the intake? I have an intercooler and pipes but I don't want to put them in until I 43rd correct the breather. I feel like I get to much oil through the turbo anyways
  6. Dead truck

    I called the guys at diesel power products I n Spokane Washington. I considered upgrading to a terminator years ago but couldn't afford it. The t500 just seems like a great calue. Glad to hear you like yours Cody
  7. Dead truck

    I did check the fuel bowl heater and the heater was fine but the thermostat in the bowl housing is bad so I left the heater out to eliminate a possible problem until I decide to fix it all later.
  8. Dead truck

    So I decided to dead head the hpop yesterday with a gauge in the line and it failed miserably. Only 200lbs so a terminator t500 is on its way. Thanks again for the help getting here and I will update as soon as it's in and hopefully running.
  9. Dead truck

    I did not know about the fuel bowl heater. Fuse 22 is ok but I see your point about a short. I and the ipr out and it looked fine but it was under warranty and swapped it out. Same symptoms with only 190 or so psi on hpop.
  10. Dead truck

    Leaning that way as well now. Thanks. I will pull and inspect close again tonight. And let you know how it goes.
  11. Dead truck

    No I did not do a comp test. I've never actually had an issue on a diesel after visual inspection. When the truck does run its powerhouse and smooth. Its more like a key is turned off
  12. Dead truck

    How do I check the pcm?
  13. Dead truck

    Hpop res stays full. ipr checked out. How do I know if my hpip is bad? Right now it's about the only thing I haven't changed yet. In March it got an ipr cps icp and lift pump. Last week the idm test tested bad so I changed it and the cps again. The truck is a 95 with manual Tranny. And thank you Craig and rocketnut I have been pounding my head on this thing and appreciate all input and help
  14. Dead truck

    With the edge acts off my 6.0l I found the hpop pressure to be 190 while cranking. If I cranked more withoutshutting the key off between cycles the cel came in and pressure jumped to 2400psi. My fuel pressure is erratic bouncing between 40 and 50 it starts after a lot of cranking last night but died after 15 minutes idling and wouldn't restart or even smoke like it was getting fuel. The problem seems to be intermittent. I did order an fpr spring to raise the fuel pressure back to 55psi.
  15. Dead truck

    I am having trouble with my truck staying running after replacing head gaskets. When I do get it running it runs strong until it feels like the key just gets turned off. I have tried more than I know how to list here. Been struggling with this since spring and would appreciate any advice and help offered.