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    7.3 hard to start

    Ok had the truck (2000 Ford 7.3 F-250 80,000 miles) a few weeks now and every time I drive it I like it better and better. This weekend I took the truck out to Wyoming and it set outside over night (baby Is usually In the garage). When I went to start it in the morning, the engine turned over, but is sounded like it was really working hard to turn over. I attributed this to cold oil, but I doubt the temperature went below +10. I tried to start it for a few minutes with no results. I presumed that the glow plugs were not working, so I plugged the truck in and went to do some research on how to jump the glow plug solenoid to see if it was bad. I came back out about a half an hour later and tried again. The truck again cranked, but it was far slower than normal, I began to wonder if perhaps I had lost a battery and was trying to crank the truck with only one battery, but still not convinced that the engine oil was still too cold. Again the results were not good. The truck would not start. I tried using a screw driver to jump across the solenoid for the glow plugs, and it didn't seem to make a difference. At the end of this attempt the battery seemed like it was very tired, and i doubted I was going to be able to start it, without jumping it. I went back into the house, and did a little more research, and made preparations to call a tow truck. I waited about a half an hour and decided to try it one more time. This time when I turned the ignition the truck spun over very quickly, just like it is supposed to and fired right up. Now I can easily chose to chalk this all up to the truck just being cold. However, I would like to explore other possibilities. I have very little experience with these trucks, but I have read everything I can find about them. All that being said, the truck has sat outside a few times in much colder temperatures (up to 5/6 hours -15 degrees or lower) but never overnight (it is always snuggled in the garage with a damn cat on the hood). The top suspects are 1. Glow plugs the truck is 9 years old it is likely that the glow plugs are getting a bit weak/ not working. (will test with a multimeter when i get a chance could use info on the procedure to do the tests) 2. glowplug solenoind ( I doubt this but still a possibility the wait to start light seems to be on at appropriate intervals (longer when it is cold not so long when it is warm)) 3. CPS (This is just a shot in the dark, but my gut tells me that this truck didn't want to start, and it felt like timing... to my knowledge the cam sensor has never been changed. (I bought two of them and will install one in a few days.) 4. weak battery/batteries (Seems plausible but unlikely that the battery would have went from weak to strong with a change in a few degrees in temperature) 5. Fuel Gelled (again unlikely I add Diesel Kleen to every tank suppose to be good to -40 below) Any information would be appreciated
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    7.3 hard to start

    wow thanks for the quick response, that makes sense, why it would seem like a timing issue the injectors wern't even firing .. no fuel .. no fire. Right now I am running Kendall full synthetic motor oil, I am going to check on the cold rating on it right now. Any suggestion on what do when you can't plug them in. Also running a superchip tuner right now. Gotta get the dp in when I get a chance.
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    New to Diesels

    Hi my name is David, I am in the process of purchasing a new (to me ) truck. It is a 2000 F250 with the 7.3 diesel in it. To say that I am anxious is a bit of an understatement. So of course I am interested in taking this truck and adding a few essential mods. I have listed them in order of my intention of buying them, so feel free to give me advise on the mods themselves, or the order that I intend to purchase them. The truck is currently configured With a 4in Magnaflow exhaust, a super chip, and a K&N engine destroyer. I Intend to purchase 1. A better air filter (suggestions needed) 2. A DP tuner 3. Air dog / Fass ( suggestions needed) 4. Unknown......( I am sure I can think of something later feel free to make suggestions) I will probably need some help getting the Air dog installed as my mechanical ability is some where between a field mouse and a grapefruit. So if any one know a good mechanic in the Idahofalls area I could use that info as well. thanks for your help, Good to meet everyone, glad to be here.
  4. Dave0312

    New to Diesels

    I appreciate all the encouragement, I picked the truck up today, and I am stoked. Sounds like I need to save up some cash for the transmission as soon as I can, It is the only common denominator in every post. What would a good transmission upgrade cost, Gotta know how much to budget. I am also going to looking into a good gauge pod, should be able to do that right away and it sounds like it should be the first thing. Thanks again everyone