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  1. thats some talent...to overcome the electronics on that tranny was mind numbing i bet!!
  2. Tuffenuf4u

    custom steering column guage pod

    yeah...just got it finished painted out...will mount it this weekend..ill post pics this eve... Came out real good....i have access in the back to the flashers...
  3. Tuffenuf4u

    Bomb Party Poll

    I plan on making it..if anybody wants to pile in...let me know...may be putting a lift on , recon lights, and possibly a different exhaust...
  4. Tuffenuf4u

    Do It!!

    motor runs well, no issues, just high miles...235K
  5. Tuffenuf4u

    Do It!!

    its for engine, tranny and t case ect.....evreything motor and tranny wise....
  6. Tuffenuf4u

    Do It!!

    Nice buy!!! Hey, if your interested, JR dropped the price on that 12V to $900, you take whatever motor stuff ya want, tranny and t case included.......
  7. Tuffenuf4u

    March ROTM Poll Vote Here!!!!

    Ouch.....Un Fair....JWs pic does not do him justice.......thats a cool truck.....
  8. Am lookin to upgrade to a better turbo, just a single for now....what would be a good turbo to look at? will run a BD Tuner, pressure box and stock sticks with it (for the moment) something good for all around with low EGTs, or ...is their a good upgrade to the stocker ??
  9. so i was tryin to figure a way to mount my tach and pyro i have, both are the 2 5/8 size, nobody makes a dual guage pod holder for guages that big, so i made my own, i cut up a column mount i had and used some aluminum and 2 plastic cups with a hell of alot of glue and fleece with fiberglass resin... as soon as i get some sandin done, ill post up more as it progresses..
  10. Tuffenuf4u


    when i was makin a few of these i would just weld little 2 inch sections to reduce heat and cover the welds and such with bondo to smooth it out....didnt work for something you were having powdercoated but worked if you weere just gonna paint it or herculine it....
  11. Tuffenuf4u

    John Deere Head cover pic...

    Naw...just printed off a logo off the computer and cut it out and layed it on masking tape then layed that on yellow paint , then painted green over it and pulled it before it dried...
  12. Tuffenuf4u


    dude....i wil soooooo steal yer design.....LOL ha ha,,Just kidding...Thats good stuff, hope you get some business out of it!
  13. Tuffenuf4u

    BIG East side get together

    ill definitly run the roller!!
  14. man....thats skillz....with a Z !!!
  15. man...you could fit like 2 or 3 bodies in that trunk....and haul em with 20 plus MPG....lol...