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  1. S Radke

    '06 CP3 Leaking..... You Ever Pull One?

    I think the puller in a p pump timing kit will work.
  2. S Radke

    Best place to buy a VP44 injection pump?

    http://www.thedieselstore.com/template/partdisplay.php?PartCat=FUEL+INJECTION&VehNum=11125941112596111259711125981112599111260011126011112608111261011126111112612111261311126141112615&AppID=&AppID=&AppID=&AppID=&AppID=&AppID=D3 Less than a grand, free shipping both ways.
  3. S Radke

    New VP44 Won't Start

    You can put the key in backwards. It has a slight offset to it and will set a code but should still start.
  4. S Radke

    Anybody Used an Air-to-Water Intercooler?

    They're very common on the B series in industrial applications. You could just bolt on a factory one.
  5. S Radke

    Anybody Used an Air-to-Water Intercooler?

    You've got me confused. Are you going to get a factory B series intake manifold aftercooler like they use in the tractors to pump this water through?
  6. S Radke

    97 12 valve problem

    First gen heads use a diffrent injector hole size.
  7. S Radke

    Tried my hand at timing a 12v today....

    It's based on plunger height in #1 on the pump. Roll the engine until #1 comes up to the right height spec (this is dependant on your CPL) then pop the gear loose and roll the engine to TDC. Snug it down there and go. -Scott
  8. Seriously Dan I don't get it. Sell the Smarty, buy EFI live and tell it to do whatever you want. Best $900 you ever spent. For a guy that likes to tinker and tweek tiny parameters to satisfy every little aspect to perfectly match your liking.... it's right up your alley.
  9. S Radke

    FS, 12v parts, diffs, transfer case

    Dual rear end, $600, throw in the 2wd frame with all steering components for another $150. Coolers, $50 each, full set for $100. Think I actually have 2 good aftercoolers. Engine complete I figure about $800. Have a possible home for the pump and maybe engine already. If he only wants the pump, the engine get's cheap. 4x4 frame with SRW diffs $1000. Was shooting for $500 for the transfer case but if you take the diffs too I'll throw it in for another $300. If you don't like the prices, make me an offer. Worst I can say is no. If you want pics of things, tell me what I'll post them. Have a couple pretty straight beds with gates too. One DRW, one SRW. I'd love to see a trailer load of thins stuff go to Idaho! -Scott (541) 740-three four nine zero
  10. S Radke

    What Axle Do I Have?

    I was thinking 2 9/16 but as the wise man above said, "what do I know" -Scott
  11. Wrapping up a project I've been working on and I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. I built one truck out of three so it's a long list. Second gen axles, 60 front, open 70 rear, 3.54 gears. Currently still under a SCLB frame. Dana 80 dual rear end, LS 4.10. Currently in a SCLB 2wd frame. NP241dld transfer case A set of coolers (radiator, aftercooler, ac condensor, trans cooler) attached to a core support. 175 pump engine from a 94 with a spun rod bearing. Everything good except the crank and possibly one rod. I opened it up then went another direction. Other misc items too. I'm not interested in shipping and I'm not really close to Idaho so keep that in mind. You'll have to find a ride for it or take a road trip. Thanks. -Scott
  12. They don't seem to like a lot of pressure. I had my FASS system at about 20 psi and the truck had strange surge symptoms on light acceleration. I backed it down to about 13 and the symptoms went away.
  13. S Radke

    6.5l motor on the list

    It's been a strange winter. Had some dry weather and some really wet but in general we're a little behind on the rain. Fixing to get cool this weekend. That's right, freezing nights! lol -Scott
  14. S Radke

    6.5l motor on the list

    ummm....... No
  15. S Radke

    WTB 12 valve short block

    I'm in need of a 12 valve short (or long) block. I have an engine here that spun a bearing and ruined the crank. Thanks -Scott