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    love diesel trucks
  1. New to me Tow Vehicle (Pics)

    Nice find. Great looking truck.
  2. Thanks to ITD

    Yesterday was a blast. Thanks itd for the awesome the awesome dyno day. There was a excellent turn out with good people. Lookin forward to another awesome year with you guys
  3. I'll be there Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you guys again
  4. I might make it down there.
  5. GM CEO pushes for $1 increase in gas tax

    need to change the name from general motors to obahma motors
  6. ROTM winner for 6/2011

  7. Cummins performance goodies

    what size of wheels do the toyos fit
  8. 2 dodges

    thats a nice first gen. if i had the cash i would buy that.
  9. a short one for you

    bet she will make you a hell of a deal. Half price!
  10. Stuff I thought was funny...

  11. That's awesome. What kind of airflow did pat say you would get out of them? 600-700?

  12. those turbos are pretty sweet. got the truck tuned in last night and runs alot better and not as smokey.

  13. 3 new navy ships

  14. Jerry! How are the compounds? The picture in your avatar looks bad ass!

  15. The Longhauler

    that is one sweet truck if only i had the money