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  1. Big_Dan97

    Spring dyno day???

    As long as its not at Powerlabs Ill probably get on the rollers if Im around
  2. Big_Dan97

    The beginings of the separation

    from what ive read the 6.7 is basically just a bored out 6.4 and Ford was (at the time) deciding wether or not to build it in house, I guess the decision has been made
  3. LOL ewwww. way to go guys
  4. Big_Dan97

    OBS Frame flex!

    its all g ,double o, d in the hood.
  5. Big_Dan97

    Mod List!

    I think the gtp38r, might be a little small for 230cc, but to be honest Im not sure, they are more expensive than a H2E to rebuild if you had a problem. But I will tell you a H2E is a tough install.
  6. Big_Dan97

    Mod List!

    lol, did you see those headstuds and pm that guy
  7. Big_Dan97

    Mod List!

    Hey Bill, turn it on, then point and click, youll be ok
  8. Big_Dan97

    Mod List!

    what he said, also I forwarded you a link on PSN for a guy sellin h11 studs for $400
  9. Big_Dan97

    Everyone,, read up!!!!!

    Beer Garden and pancakes? Im there
  10. Big_Dan97

    New Painless Performance harness.....

    good thing that you got such a good friend that told you about that harness Im so happy shes runnin again
  11. Big_Dan97

    New Guy With A Ford

    welcome welcome
  12. Big_Dan97

    End of USA and the "Split-Up"

    Yeah right we all know that Italians will get New York
  13. Muddy I went crosseyed after reading that