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  1. Spring dyno day???

    As long as its not at Powerlabs Ill probably get on the rollers if Im around
  2. The beginings of the separation

    from what ive read the 6.7 is basically just a bored out 6.4 and Ford was (at the time) deciding wether or not to build it in house, I guess the decision has been made
  3. LOL ewwww. way to go guys
  4. OBS Frame flex!

    its all g ,double o, d in the hood.
  5. Mod List!

    I think the gtp38r, might be a little small for 230cc, but to be honest Im not sure, they are more expensive than a H2E to rebuild if you had a problem. But I will tell you a H2E is a tough install.
  6. Mod List!

    lol, did you see those headstuds and pm that guy
  7. Mod List!

    Hey Bill, turn it on, then point and click, youll be ok
  8. Mod List!

    what he said, also I forwarded you a link on PSN for a guy sellin h11 studs for $400
  9. Everyone,, read up!!!!!

    Beer Garden and pancakes? Im there
  10. New Painless Performance harness.....

    good thing that you got such a good friend that told you about that harness Im so happy shes runnin again
  11. New Guy With A Ford

    welcome welcome
  12. End of USA and the "Split-Up"

    Yeah right we all know that Italians will get New York
  13. Muddy I went crosseyed after reading that