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  1. I would have loved to have it aswell, would have been awesome in a 4x4
  2. That crew cab was a sweet truck..where did it get sold to..area..
  3. Dangle

    New projects!

  4. Dangle

    Prayers to Tony and his family

    Sucks to see the top 7.3 tuner in the nation going through this..he is in my thoughts and prayers....
  5. Dangle

    mpg ?

    Inj going to hell will cause crappy milage, ever check the balance rates??
  6. Dangle

    well hello there..

    Welcome to the site.
  7. Dangle

    New projects!

    Sweet ..looking forward to seeing the projects come along.
  8. Some of the older trucks it is hard not to smoke but if you have the technology on a newer truck to make it not smoke it is nice.
  9. People will do anything for a buck.... I tune my truck to not smoke.
  10. Dangle

    Hmmm New shiny things

    That is a true statement.
  11. Dangle

    Hmmm New shiny things

    Mine is gone too Josh.. Thomas and i are going to get that baby on real soon.
  12. Dangle

    Hmmm New shiny things

    Who the hell voulenteered to install that...LOL
  13. Dangle

    Spring dyno day???

    They were going to open a custom auto in Boise..Wade was to run it but i think the economy squashed it along with alot of other peoples biusness.
  14. Dangle

    Its done......

    Good deal glad to hear all is working out..you deffinately deserve it with all the issues you have had.
  15. Dangle

    Feb ROTM Winner!!!!!!!

    Very Nice..Congrats!!!!!