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  1. Bob Beauchaine

    'The' 1st Gen Cruise Control Thread......

    Rock Auto has them for under $31.79. See post below. Bob
  2. Bob Beauchaine

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    I ordered a pair of chromed tail lights off their on line catalog - fitment was as good or better than OEM parts. My catalog came a few days later. The initial catalog is a little thin but should improve as more parts become available. Bob
  3. Bob Beauchaine

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    I understand that tey will have more parts - this is just the initial start up on 1st gens. Bob
  4. Bob Beauchaine

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    LMC 1972 - 1993 catalog is out. I seen posts on other 1st gen sites where others have theirs. Did not receive mine yet but I did order a new set of tail lights from their on line catalog. I will post when I get them as to quality etc. Bob
  5. Bob Beauchaine

    What is this steering joint called?

    My Borgeson retained the original upper joint and has been trouble free. I've got a good freind that has a 4X4 that he put the double ended, with "U" joints at both ends and his has been trouble free. Bob
  6. Bob Beauchaine

    What is this steering joint called?

    I checked my service manual and it shows the part but does not name it. The Borgeson shaft uses a "U" joint to replace it - I've got the Borgeson and it is problem free. Borgeson also makes a steup with "U" joints on both ends. Bob
  7. Bob Beauchaine

    What is this steering joint called?

    I've heard it called a "rag joint" but I will check my tech manual later and let you know what Dodge calls it. Bob
  8. Bob Beauchaine

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    Click on link in my post. Then click on Free Catalogs. Finally click on Dodge and it is listed there. Bob
  9. Bob Beauchaine

    BD Diesel 60hp first gen injectors

    I think that if you can move enough air you will be able to create smoke if you want but it will be controlable. What you have now for mods is real close to mine and I can control smoke when and if I need, or want to. If you are running a 4" exhaust that will help to move enough air so that your right foot can control smoke. Bob
  10. Bob Beauchaine

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    I caught this thread on another site. LMC is coming out in the spring of 2014 with a catalog covering 1972 to 1993 Dodge trucks. You can sign up to receive one if you want to. http://www.lmctruck.com/dodge/
  11. Bob Beauchaine

    Lost a Soft Plug on the '92.....

    I always used brass freeze out plugs when OEM failed - never had a brass plug fail. They hold up to more than a few corrosive liquids. Bob
  12. Bob Beauchaine

    Discussion with an anti-gun retard

    Her's a little quiz. When does a right become a privledge and a privledge become a right and which one causes more deaths? The Constitutional right that has become a privledge is the right to bear arms or 2nd amendment. The privledge that has become a right is driving a vehicle. You are 22.9% more likely to die as a result of an automobile "accident". Keep in mind the number of people who drive a vehicle and multi-task but cannot walk and chew gum. Statistics: both sourses are from 2006 to 2010 Gun deaths includes Hand Gun and Firearms not stated. Source FBI Expanded table 8 Totals = an average of 8,603.8 for the time period stated above. Automoble Deaths Data source NHTSA - NCSA Total Fatalities = an average of above years - 37,631.6
  13. Bob Beauchaine

    Ka Boom!!!

    I had the same thing happen to me - minus towing. I was on my way home and transiting WA14 west to I205 south when the engine RPMs increased but the truck just kept slowing down. I had the old girl towed home and after taking every thing apart found the clutch center section destroyed. It was a CON-O so I called Peter at SBC and he said that they had some problems with their 12 1/4" clutches. He recomended the newer CON-O 13" with a different center section. I would give Peter of SBC a call and pick his brain on this. The 13" CON-O has a different style center section that is much stronger. I also added their HD clutch MC - slave setup. All is well with this setup and it has been about 3 years and counting. Good Luck Bob
  14. Bob Beauchaine

    Governor spring install

    Great info! There are a couple of things that should be noted. It's nice to count the timing marks but from first hand experience I would also suggest you mark the location of the linkage in relation to the throttle shaft. When a freind did mine all was well but the idle was at 1000 rpms - ok for a manual trans but not for an automatic. It can then become extremely hard to reset the idle. In some cases I've seen trucks that will drive fine but will not idle. You will then have to reindex the pump - which can be a task in itself, Also possibly a long process. Believe me I know. I woukd also have someone stand by to manually shut down in case of a runaway. Since the manual shut-off can sometimes fail it would be better to disconnect the air intake and have a board ready to put in front of the air intake directly on the turdo. Bob
  15. Bob Beauchaine

    General Cummins 12v Question

    You can see my mods and RWHP numbers in my sig and in 2011 I saw mileage for the year of just under 20 mpg in 50/50 mixed driving. Your right foot is usually worth about + or - 2 mpg. My truck happens to like 65 mph when on the freeways. I realize that IDs speed limit on freeways is 75 so that can cost you mpg. BTW my dyno numbers were all run in Meridian ID. Bob