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  1. hey allan, glad to see ya around again. hope to see you and that awesome "JUMMINS" at an event soon :ok:

  2. Dad's old truck

    Thanks steve, Jerry is heading over to buy it today. Jerry said it sounded good and they took $1100.00.
  3. Dad's old truck

    My dad has had his 1986 6.9 since he bought it new. A glow plug broke off and hammered a piston. Any one have another good engine or a cheaper idea of how to get it fixxed. He's pretty attached to his truck and will dump 6k in a engine if he has too but I'm trying to find a cheaper way. Help.
  4. Help Diesel leaking.

    I unbolted the fuel filter and bracket and lower it down so I could actually see a little bit of where the fuel was leaking from. It was the return line. I pulled off the old return line cut another to lenght and put it back on. All in all it took me about an hour and a half. I didn't hurry any. It is a most to lower the fuel filter and bracket to do the job. After replacing the return line I just started it up and gave it a little throtle. It sputterd and stopped then I started it again and ran fine. Why can't all my wrenching go that smooth? Probable because it's not my rig.
  5. Help Diesel leaking.

    My brother-in-law's 1997 dodge is leaking Diesel fuel some where by the "transfer" pump. He left it in my garage and went back to Nevada. I've looked to see where it is leaking and I can't find it thru all the other parts and piecer covering it up. Any Ideas?
  6. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    You nailed it. Yah that's cody. Cody made it thru with no problems. The one big jump after this one Cody bounced thru. I am a little heavy to get much bounce so I winch up it. then whelled the last part. The right looks pretty rough, tell me when your going to do it and I'll come watch. I'll even bring tools.
  7. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    Heres some pics of wheeling this week end. I wheeled thru it on my own!
  8. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    I picked up the govenor spring and an electric fan. I should have the fan in by the week end. I have the pics of this week end on my pc at home but I'll try to get them on the net. Not sure what to do about the np231. I'd like to wait til I sell the motor and I'll need the speedo gear and trans linkage.
  9. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    I'll be at the gathering in onterio Look forward to seeing everyone.
  10. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    I'd like to keep it up right. Too much money to throw a way.
  11. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    So lets take her and her CJ. It's a kick.
  12. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    I put my foot on the gas peddal twice but I didn't need too. I think she would idle up and over on to her lid if I let her. I promise I wouldn't tell!
  13. 89 YJ Cummins Swap

    It would take some major sedation to keep my wife in the jeep if I was to take her along.
  14. Mini Dyno Day????

    We'll see how the jeep wrangler dynos.