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  1. Runamuk

    turbo Silencer Ring

    Sorry I'm not the best of examples as the screwdriver trick quite simply did not work for me. The vise grip trick did though! I patiently tried for more than 2 hours to remove the c-clip holding the dern thing in there. :x Then i grabbed my needle nosed vice grips and ripped the stupid piece of tin crap out!!! The c-clip is still there as I tried to remove it for a half hour afterwards to no avail!! :x I surely like to hear my turbo sing 8) Rick
  2. So......how many new members do you want? I can bring several this evening. Where is the chat room? Nice and bug free unlike "Your buddy" Lems place. Hope you can keep it that way! Rick
  3. Never fear Runamuk is here! 8) Rick