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  1. That's pretty much how I'm feeling today. The wife's trying to get me to take a little hair of the dog, but I'm not that brave.
  2. Brown bottle flu is much more fun catching, but not so much fun during the recovery! Had a couple of friends over and gave the wee man with the stick (Johnny Walker) a run for his money! The older I get, the more time I need in between teaching the wee man a lesson!
  3. Hey, Dennis, how's it going? I was going to post the one of you with the goat, but I thought that would be pushing it! So where's the entrance to the backdoor? Eeeeewww, that didn't sound right!
  4. piperca

    Installing injectors

    Nate, Bosch injectors have a number on the injector body, but there are some that are being sold on Ebay that do not.