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  1. I could def. meet up in lewiston
  2. Help Please!!!

    some one gave you some good advice!!
  3. truck mods

    Its not going to support a driveable 600hp on a 12v. Maybe a CR, but the 12v head just doesn't flow enough air.
  4. The day the tranny died.

    5th gear is a week link because well, its a small gear. With my 4.10 i'm hardly ever pulling below 1800 rpm. Mine let go right around 2200, granted it was the same time that the boost gauge touched 55.
  5. The day the tranny died.

    Yup, I pulled the back cover off the tranny today, and found just about every tooth from 5th gear in the bottom of the transmission, reverse is smoked too. As of now I am going to put a new 5th gear and syncro and reverse in it and call it good. I have to pull the side covers off and make sure other gears aren't screwed up but i'm pretty sure the 4 other forward gears are just fine.
  6. The day the tranny died.

    just got done working my POS Injectors over (thats another story all of its own) and the truck was running better then ever, shifted from 4th into 5th and pushed on the skinny pedal and BAM ripped out 5th gear. Something else is screwed up in there too, it likes to lock up in reverse all 2 days before the freaking dyno day. Just a story for now, i might have it going by tomorrow night. Pics to follow
  7. free NRA memberships

    Signed up!
  8. Little ITD get together at my Place..

    I would've been there if I was a couple miles closer! Sounds like alot of fun
  9. I'm gunna come down with a couple buddies
  10. 94 race truck build up

    Ok, let me know, got a cousin interested in them. As for the 5k's, yes they can be installed with the pump on the motor.
  11. looked at a newer truck

    Looks nice!
  12. 94 race truck build up

    Just out of curiosity, any chance you want to sell the wheels you took off?
  13. Moab

    LMAO ****pit gets censored