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  1. Mild build???? If youre gona go, go big! From what we've talked about I bet (other then the serious mods, ie twins) the most expensive part of the project and possibley the biggest pia is gona be the wireing/ecm. Other then lucking up and just coming across an ecm I dont know where to find one for a decent price, but I would definately look into gettin a whole new harness and everything. As stated PPE could be some help, but if nothing else I would think if you had an ECM you could prob get painless to make you a custom wireing harness and fuse block. It may be kinda pricey but may be the best money spent if you go trying to make you own harness. JMO.
  2. Deer Stainer (question)

    May not be the prettiest bumpers made but I got my ranchand for 875 + shipping wich ended up being 979 total, from Tx to Ga. Mine has the schedule 40 pipe and full brushgard that also has tabs on the outside corners welded to the bumper so it makes it much harder for the brushgard part to cave in. I have yet to test it on a dear, but have bumped a few immovable objects and it is very, very solid. Just another option that isnt quite as spendy as some others.
  3. R.I.P LuvnaCUMMINS

    Thats funny, I still got the vid on my phone too. Shane, I hate to see her go, but if I know like I think I do, you will have you another cummins in the yard soon enough....
  4. Thank you Shane!

    I just caught this thead, but thank you for your business. It is always nice to move some product but I sure like dealin with you fellas on this forum. Stand up bunch. Thanks a lot.
  5. TST or Smarty for more fuel

    Get the smarty. It is way way better than the tst as far as drivability. The tst may gain you a few more hp when stacked with the smarty and is no doubt a great box but after all Ive done to my truck, if I could only do one thing it would be a smarty. You will kick yourself for not doin it sooner.
  6. So when are you getting those dual fuelers on???
  7. Boost Fooler on an '03

    I know there are a lot of big hp SO's, but I wasnt sure if the quad was enough fuel on an SO to get the boost you want. Not sayin it is or isnt, I just dont have much experience with the SO's. Also you do have a good point. If you can get your hands on a smarty and try it that should let you know if it is the quad or turbo. You could also check for soft codes too.
  8. Boost Fooler on an '03

    Glad you got it on. That does seem low for the boost but maybe it has something to do with the SO? I could hit 44psi with my stocker and just a quad race box, with a tst it bumped 54 psi once.... I wouldnt recomend it.
  9. blew motor in my 6.7

    Good info. I would like to add that what ever your pressure is at your nozzle(s) you can subract your boost PSI and that is the acutal pressur you are runnin. So if you have 1 nozzle at 220 psi and are runnin 70 lbs of boost you are now at 150 psi at the nozzle, or nozzles.
  10. Boost Fooler on an '03

    The Xzillaraider boost fools, so you should be fine. No need for another product that boost fools also.
  11. blew motor in my 6.7

    Would that be an issue is you were runnin straight H2O, no meth?
  12. which chip to go with...

    Quad makes great products, and I bet if you shop around you can find it cheaper than the Edge. But having said that you will probably get a little more power out of the Edge, if that matters to you. As far as MPG I think it wont matter wich one you choose. What do you want to upgrade for? HP? MPG? or? A TST would be the best bet for all out hp.
  13. Bullydog PMT

    My pleasure Shane, Im always glad to help
  14. 8inch stack!!

    Looks good Kirk!
  15. Aftermarket exhaust manifolds

    Ive never used one but the PDI one looks nice and last time I checked HTT does not make one for the 3rd gens. ATS may be the most popular though.