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  1. Please! I am trying to complete a couple of p-pump conversions.
  2. xyz123

    Wanted To Buy

    1st Gen front drive line 1st gen grille and lights P-pump shut off solenoid p-pump fuel linkage p-pump support bracket flex plate for an auto tranny 94 and newer Shoot me some price or email me at xyz12383318@yahoo.com
  3. xyz123

    WTB CRD Cummins

    A friend asked me to post, he broke a valve in his 03 Dodge and has the motor out and is building it with all of the tricks. In the meantime his truck is down and he would like to find a motor to run in it while his other motor is being built. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. In the parts off the cracked block. I would like to stick all the 24 valve internals on a 12 valve block. What kind of shape is it all in?
  5. xyz123

    Injector pump

    It has 155k miles on it
  6. xyz123

    Fuel system diagram

    I am looking for a fuel system diagram for a 6.0. Anyone have one?
  7. I blew up my transmsion in my Cummins Suburban and took it to Chris at Bowman Transmission. He made some suggestions for me and built a transmission for me. I got it in and had problems with shifts(Due to my hoemade throttle linkage) and I also managed to blow up my transfer case a wek after getting the tranny back in. I towed the rig to Chris and he went through and cleaned up all of my messes and put a ton of time doing it. Anyway, when I got the Suburban back Chris had gone to the junkyard and worked through a number of issues to fix my hybrid case that is not off the shelf at all. The front half of my case was from a Dodge and the back half was from my Suburban to keep the speed sensor. Chris also spent a large number of hours cleaning up wiring and building me a manual lock/overdrive controller to go with my automated setup. I can on for several paragraphs here speaking of the quality of Chris' work as well as his ability to fix all of the little kinks and bothers and make my Suburabn bullet proof and reliable. However I just want everyone to know that Chris did a fine job and was more than fair on the price. He did a great job and I think anyone needing transmission work or parts should give him a call. So thank you Chris I am enjoying my Suburban very much. I don't think that very many mechanics would have been able to figure my problems out, and it is apparent to me that you understand every detail from wiring to mechanics of anything to do with auto mechanics. I am glad I knew you and you deserve my gratitude. John
  8. xyz123

    What now?

    I am not sure what section this fits in but I hope some knowledgable people read it. I was hauling a load home from Utah and my tranny got hot it was reading about 280 when I got puled over. as soon as I stopped it continued to climb and pegged at 320 degrees. It is in my Suburban and is a 47RE with an RH valve body and overdrive section. After it cooled down a bit I started driving and it started slipping. Then I lost all gears. Nothing! What is the damage, and how do I fix it so it never breaks again? Where do I piost about a franknstein Cummins Suburban? DId I also mention money is tight! Thanks in advance.
  9. xyz123

    Diesel swap soon???

    I am building one with a 4bt. They come up with bad motors on occasion and it would pass Ada county since it was already diesel. Use the Benz tranny with a divorced case.
  10. xyz123

    518/618 transmission controller options

    I use two hobbs switches. The trannyy pressure builds 1lb per 1 miler per hour. I go into overdrive at 44 and lockup at 56 and it works well. You could add some toggle switches fro making it manual and overiding the automated system. It has worked well for me and I would do it the same way again.
  11. I already used the thin cut to trim, and I don't want to cut anymore. My Sub looks like a different truck.
  12. And my Suburban does too!
  13. xyz123

    4/19,20/08 Bomb party!! Meridian...

    Probably Saturday only. Is anyone going to be there that has bomberd as first gen?