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  1. Thanks! I got a new laptop a while back, and lost all my links in the process...

  2. RPM Motorsports

    Oct 3rd ITD meet?

    Since I live in Ca., but still get all the ITD meet info in my E-mail:poke: , what do we need to do to make an ITD meet @ the NHRDA event on Oct. 3rd?
  3. RPM Motorsports

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    Man, you guys party or meet once a week? I get an E-mail about every other day. Sorry guy's Im not going to be able to make this one;)...
  4. RPM Motorsports

    LBZ Leaky Tranny line solution

    Are they leaking from the crimp where it's connected to the rubber hose? Mine started showing fluid last week, and it looks like thats where it's from.
  5. RPM Motorsports

    LLY Tow tune

    Thanks I used one from DP's site, but it smoked way too much! I will try this one today for him. Update: Tune runs really good, no smoke but noticeable power increase. I think it will be a good tow tune.
  6. RPM Motorsports

    winter drag racing

    Thanks for the help @ Sac. Rob! Rob was able to tune my truck down to a 12.04, before he had to split to beat the weather. The truck is still on the stock TCM tuning, and will hopefully see 11's on Jan 24th., once I get the shift points raised. I might even have a rollpan on by then to shed some weight... Thanks again Nathan & Rob...
  7. RPM Motorsports

    ATP Customer goes 12.6

    She's a whole bunch faster now, thanks to Rob's tunes and Nathan's Twins. 12.23 @ 108.68 1.648 60'. dreaming of that first 11sec. slip;)
  8. RPM Motorsports

    What do ya think?

    Finally had time to install them:thumbup:
  9. RPM Motorsports

    What do ya think?

    Web site is www.billetbadges.com. I had Steve make these as a one off deal, but if you want a set go for it! The price was $80 a piece. He will make any kind of Badge you want. Great guy, and very fast delivery.
  10. RPM Motorsports

    What do ya think?

    Give Steve a call if you guy's are interested. He still has the Custom file, and will make more. I don't mind @ all!
  11. RPM Motorsports

    What do ya think?

    Got my new Badge's in to replace the Allison's on the door!
  12. RPM Motorsports

    Basic turbo design needed.

    Thanks a bunch!
  13. RPM Motorsports

    Basic turbo design needed.

    Very similar, an angle shot would be great, but im sure the easyer the better for the guy on the CNC. When the design is done (Next few days), I'll let you guys see how they look. You twined guy's might want a set. It will be an "under cover" replacement for the Allison badge;) The turbo in place of the Allison symbol, "Twin Turbo" in place of Allison trans. lettering, And the Black Duramax stays.
  14. RPM Motorsports

    Basic turbo design needed.

    Im looking for a basic turbo layout/design, that would be easy to reproduce on a CNC. Im having custom badges made for the truck. Even a link to a design would be great. thanks!