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  1. Was wondering if you or muddy can give me a call

    Need advice Broke down in CA



  2. Just like the old days! I dig it the most!
  3. Heart/Journey Concert

    Peter Frampton on Aug. 6th for me!
  4. What does your screen name mean??

    well I am a pilot and my name is michael durst. but then again evryone has guessed it. Not to cool but easy for me to remember.
  5. What do you do for a living?

    Retired military,(USN,USAF) Have been working in the wood shop and plan on getting the Jayco out and hitting the road a bit.
  6. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    let me know if that is something do-able in a week. I might consider it myself. 119K on the factory build for mine. Might do the 6 speed??
  7. heater core

    Went out to take a trip to the base today and there was a pool of antifreeze in the passengers floor. I guess the core has sprung a leak. anyone tackle this before?
  8. heater core

    When I removed the whole dash I noticed that there was fluid on top of the core also and since it was apart I replace both cores. upon close inspection the problem was on the intake line at the firewall. brass tube gave way to the steel. I brazed it and now it is in another 24V on a farm in Pullman. I have the a/c core clean up and cleaned out and pressured tested. so if anyone is interested.
  9. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    It is really nice how he puts all the info in groups for you. He will be getting some money from me as well.
  10. Bad ass, gotta listen

    Worse part is that people believe what they watch.?????? Some where there is a villiage missing a lot of idoits... because congress and the media is full of them.
  11. Bad ass, gotta listen

    After coming home from Iraq several times and seeing CNN acting like they were on the wire covering the war (one side anyway) I have no desire to watch any of their programming. If reporters realy wanted to report the truth then they would have to do a report twice. One for each side of the story. But since veteran blood was shed for their right to air crap, we are stuck with-"If it bleeds, it leads"
  12. Bad ass, gotta listen

    looked at all the photo's and not one black person in the crowds.
  13. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    Yes he does and he is working on a 6 speed upgrade kit as well.
  14. the service

    In the Navy you have to mess crank and do 1st Lt.(clean the shitter) for the first year (6 months each) but that gives you a lot of time to study for PO3. plus you have extra watch. The Air Force has no watches and the jobs are person specific. If you like learning new things and helping on other jobs go Navy. If you want to work with Civilians and be in a union enviroment, go Air Force. or do like I did and do both! 4 years or 20 you get great pride in serving and veterans benefits (va home loan, gi bill, etc.) My 20 were full of ups and downs and now I have a pay check the rest of my life. 2 pay days a month. 48 pay checks a year. 960 pay checks later and your retired! If you ever come up to spokane I can take you to Fairchild AFB or if you want the skinny on how a job in the Navy or Air Force really is (If I know) I can give you the real deal.
  15. heater core

  16. heater core

    Great info! A million thanks to you.
  17. heater core

    please, the step by step would be great. Thanks
  18. he's so gay..........

    looks a little bit like a brown eye jedi huh?!
  19. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    roger that! Thanks.
  20. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    So these kits from quad 4X4 are still available( the upgraded kits) or they not available too?
  21. What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    not to sound like a dee dee dee but are we talking auto or manual tranny?
  22. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    They tried that crap too but I said if it says thats what they are then you can not lie to your customers. so he gave them to me for that price and said he would update the web page.... looks like he shows up for a paycheck. I agree, for that you could go to the local dealership.
  23. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    Yea I had to change the order myself. Good eye!
  24. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    Well the mirrors came early ! No kidding, 40 minutes and they were on and looking sharp! Thanks for the photos, It was great to wargame and it was like I had done it before.