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    wanna make 800 horse
  1. blacksmoke

    1014 hp!!!

    damn those are some sweet numbers, right on!!!!!
  2. blacksmoke

    dyno competition in spokan area

    sweet guys. let me keep roundin' people up. heck if we can't line up a dyno we can at least do the sled pulls and the drags. the sled pulls are one the 12th. i'll let you know exactly what time, and the drag racing is whenever we want it to be. i couldn't line up the track for just us. so we'll just have to go down there and beat up on those ricers individually
  3. blacksmoke

    dyno competition in spokan area

    september 27th. it's probably gonna be at shelly's in spokan, but we are trying to organize another event for the 12th and 13th as well, we are diffinitly having a sled pull up here on the 12th, friday night at the spokan county fair grounds, les schwabe is sponsoring it so if any of you guys can attend you should be able to register at any les schwabe
  4. blacksmoke

    dyno competition in spokan area

    sweet i think hanner and a few other guys are gonna stay in our spec homes here in post falls, that way no one has to pay for hotels. we got a 110" screen in the theater room and we're gonna hook up the ps3 and kick some ass on call of duty 4 and guitar hero. should be a good time
  5. blacksmoke

    dyno competition in spokan area

    cool shane, good to talk to ya again man, i think i saw you on nwdiesels. if diesel thunder still works out (it's supposedly gonna be on the 27th) we'll just stick with that. i'm just planning this in case that falls through
  6. blacksmoke

    hunting up north

    okay you just made me so jealous, lol. i can't move back yet cause i moved to cda to start my business and it really took off. we are slammed building timberframed homes. i gotta line up some work in montana before i can head back over there. that and i don't wanna sell my house here until the market picks back up. who knows when that will happen. i'm origionally from the swan valley south of big fork about 50 miles. i loved it there but there is just no economy there.
  7. hey guys, i know i havn't been on here much and most of you don't even know who i am. but i work for cn diesel performance here in post falls idaho. we are trying to put together a dyno competition with the possibility of drag races and sled pulls up here. the event will take place some time in september. the event will be put on by cn diesel performance, diesel power products, and diesel huffer. diesel huffer will be putting the majority of the money up for the dyno and will be providing food for a huge BBQ, we have a bunch of great guys up here that are willing to let people stay at they're homes and or set up rv's in they're yards if you guys want to make a weekend of it. we are trying to schedule the event around the same time as the spokan county fair. so you guys can bring your families as well. there will also be a professional photographer present to take photo's for a magazine article on the event. i need to get some kind of roster going to make sure we have enough food and time on the dyno. the more people we can get, the less it will be for everyone to run on the dyno. if you are interested please hit me back either here or at my e-mail, blacksmoke1983@yahoo.com
  8. blacksmoke

    hunting up north

    north of bonners is rad. but the coeur d' alene area sucks balls. i hate it here. you see more people than animals and if you do see an elk or deer it's probably on frikin private property. i hunted here one year. stupidest hunting season of my life. now i just go back to montana and hunt around my parents house. i used to work for a hunting outfitter in the bob marshal wilderness, so i know that area really well. i get an elk, deer, black bear, and mountain lion every year. dang i miss montana
  9. wish i could make it some of these events. but it's just to far away.
  10. blacksmoke

    Diesel Tech Magazine wants you!

    should have mine back together here in a few weeks. then i gotta make a few runs on the dino. THEN i can get you all the info$$$
  11. blacksmoke

    for real??? 1280hp

    i want one:-( i too was inpressed with the smokeless aspect. very well tuned:drool smoke is fun, but pretty much just a waste of fuel.
  12. blacksmoke

    Birds nest in my Turbo...

    hahaha just had the cat insident happen last week. one of my guys didn't show up for work. i gave him a call and he was busy fishing cat remains out of the fan, thing that suck is it destroyed his water pump in the process:roll:
  13. blacksmoke

    howdy howdy

    hahahahaahahahaaha exactly:death::bouncyand the smilies are better here too. i'd get banned for these on the other sight. they act like there are a whole bunch of 12 year olds gettin' on to discuse the amount of power their daddies hemi has.
  14. blacksmoke

    got the nos hooked up

    do you still want one shane? i can get you one8-)
  15. blacksmoke

    last years huntin' pics

    dang that sucks, i shot a hybread over in the bitterroot mountains in montana, it's a perfect muley antler on one side and a perfect 4 point whitetail on the other side. i also just did a european mount but thats cause my brother spooked the deer as it bedded down to take it's last and it fell off a cliff and totally shreaded the cape. i worked for a taxidermist at the time and he said he would give me another cape. but it just wouldn't be right. the cape off my deer was to cool, his entire face was white cause he was so old, and he had almost no teeth left they were so worn down. i'll send shane a picture of the mount and see if he can post it up