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  1. Ol Blue

    Northern Idaho Dinner meet

    ROFLMAO!!! I seriously doubt THAT!!!! I'll have to get it posted up sooner than later now. I'm going to try starting an yearly bomb party at the new house Vera and I are "still" finishing. It'll be June 12, 13, and 14th. I'll get an official invite to all posted up.
  2. Ol Blue

    Northern Idaho Dinner meet

    Hey Muddy! How have things been? What do you mean "have fun"....sounds like you're not coming up the 300 miles for dinner!!!!
  3. Ol Blue

    Big thanks to Ol Blue

    Glad I could pay you back a little Desperado. That rig just keeps getting better and better! Now, 'bout those Mach 4s you NEED! Hey Muddy! Someday, I'll get back down that way and say hi again.