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  1. Black Dog

    Mid seventies ford stuff,cheap or free.

    I am telling ya, i need that highboy running gear... have 360, have trans... have body... wifes 73 really needs a Highboy frame under...
  2. Black Dog

    91 ford 1ton 7.3 5speed $800

    Never could make the time to go look at it. could find the number if somebody had to have it., Maybe.
  3. Black Dog

    What tires do you run?

    BFG or Avon has made me happiest.
  4. Black Dog

    Ant and the Grasshopper

    heh heh heh
  5. Black Dog

    91 ford 1ton 7.3 5speed $800

    yeah.. keep thinking bout it.. if he were trade straight for my 460 .. I would IDI this old dog.
  6. Black Dog


    Trying to think why I was in Meridian.. have a buddy who has an all white PSD Cent, lives in the valley, more than likely him. Clyde goes to Daycare, and work, and thats about it... with that timebomb of a trans.
  7. Black Dog


    Totally... might not have to Fummins the Cent after all.... Scorpion here I come... (So unsure how reality based that is.. but I am a fan of all that I have read so far.)
  8. Black Dog


    SO I updated this with pics and craziness... and then eitehr the site or my p.c. lost it, I was angry, and I am not going to take the time now.. but.. This one got scrapped and crushed, all I got to show for it was some bills paid, and a 2 door bronco... (teaser pic of the 2 door) Which I then flipped into this: question now is.... Rockwell, or not Rockwell? Traded my (am trading) my way into a 6x6 chassis.... Oh, and not an Oilburner.. I have a 460 with a shot E40D.. hence the interest originally in the Spicer 5 speed from 6x6.. then I got offered the whole thing.
  9. Black Dog

    ITD DYNO DAY Sun SEPT 13th note date change

    After the most pressing of bills, I had $50 to my name... Next time, I too, Muddy, would like to see how this stacks up to an IDI...
  10. Black Dog

    91 ford 1ton 7.3 5speed $800

    I thought about that, but it don't run, so before it becomes a deal, there is a fair amount of troubleshooting that will have to be done.
  11. Black Dog

    ITD DYNO DAY Sun SEPT 13th note date change

    We will see if I can squeeze a $50, and then I will hafta show you silly diesel boys what a good old fashioned gas powered 460 can do. Y'all might want to back away now, wouldn't want the only motor there burning the golden nectar of the Gods to show y'all up. Course that might put the final nails in the E40D's coffin, so maybe not. Its days are already few for this world.
  12. Banzai run Nampa/Ogden/Nampa. (could go to SLC if need be) Tomorrow Leaving in 5 ish hours. Kevin 208.724.7305
  13. Black Dog

    New Moon

    You need an airstream for yard art for two weeks.... call me and I will help you set it up. 208.724.7305
  14. Black Dog

    What is your trucks name?

    Best trucks, had names Could probably edit later and put faces with names... Clifford, Big Red and if you ever have driven an NA 6.2, well, you get the Dog part. 1988 6.2 Bourbon VeeDee, 1989 Toy 4x4 van. Had cancer, cancer was a disease, driving him was fun, like sex... driving him was addicting, he was a van, so nicknaming him VAN-ereal disease, or VeeDee for short.. made sense. 1989 F 250 5.0/ZF, resses, he looked like a peanut butter cup sorta. right colors anyway Trigger, White 1987 Ford Bronco, Damn I miss that truck. Ex killed him. Bullseye, Red 1987 Ford Bronco, ever have a partner that makes you work at loving? and its worth the pain? That was Bullseye, Trig was just too easy. (named after Toy Story's character Woody's horse) Hidalgo 1993 F 350, ZF, IDI... Destined to be a centurion Bronco, my second attempt at creating one, Bullseye died for the build as well, so naming him after a fictional horse that was the brunt of a mythical race, and had legendary results... it fit. Beat the shit out of calling him My Unicorn, and I had already burned Moby Dick on another ride. Been calling this Bronc Pepe from romancing the stone, hasn't seem to fit yet, and not keeping for long, so trying to not get too attached.
  15. Black Dog

    No Job??

    Longtime ago, if you mean the first gen. what was my thought? Oh yeah.... Got me a craigs ad, all I get is spam, and finally I got this.. too classic to paraphrase, will edit copy and paste, hang on. "** CRAIGSLIST ADVISORY --- AVOID SCAMS BY DEALING LOCALLY ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping ** More Info: http://www.craigslist.org/about/scams.html Hi I just read your ad on CL, Do you think Obama is helping you? have a nice day, hope to hear from u soon!"