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  1. cummins cowboy

    VE pump parts needed

    Where are you located at?
  2. cummins cowboy

    Really busy now...

    Im in the same boat in my profession. In the current feast or famine economy you have to get it while you can and rest when things are slow.
  3. cummins cowboy

    Recall: '03 to '08 Rams (Left Tie Rod)

    Millco what is the recall number on the latest notice you received? Had my tie rods replaced earlier this year under the n49 recall. Truck hasn't driven the same since.....Heard rumors for a while of the recall replacement tie rods being recalled. Wondering if the notice you received applies to them.
  4. cummins cowboy

    Blown head gasket pics

    Quick and easy is just pull the dip stick and see how the oil looks and also pull the radiatior cap and see if there is any oil/coolant mixing.
  5. cummins cowboy

    Blown head gasket pics

    No I wouldn't worry about any of that. It just looks like a little bit of oil staining on the aluminum rocker box from slight oil seepage and heat over the miles. The only thing sealing there is an o-ring. You're cylinder head is the bottom where the injector lines thread in and the head gasket is between the head and the block.
  6. cummins cowboy

    Recall: '03 to '08 Rams (Left Tie Rod)

    The recall affects the 4th gen left tie rods also. I just got the notice for my 2011
  7. cummins cowboy

    Why you should NOT play around semi's

    Ive seen a few fatal 4 wheeler interactions with trucks. I saw the aftermath of one where a 4 wheeler went head to head with a bull hauler at 70mph. Needless to say there was no need for a tow truck to come to the scene. The biggest prices could be swept up with a broom and dust pan.
  8. cummins cowboy


    No that is a common rail block after a rod punched through the side
  9. cummins cowboy

    wild west gunfighter

    Haha! Thats a good one
  10. cummins cowboy


    NAPA has them for $35 each if I remember right
  11. cummins cowboy

    NEW RAPTOR PUMP, no power to it, Please help me...

    Oops I missed the 98.5 part
  12. cummins cowboy

    NEW RAPTOR PUMP, no power to it, Please help me...

    On the 2nd gen trucks when you turn the key from off to on 3 times the truck will display codes in the odometer readout for both the ecm and pcm
  13. cummins cowboy

    Tried my hand at timing a 12v today....

    The p-pumps dont use a key on the shaft
  14. cummins cowboy

    U.S. to Surrender Military Control

    Red Green was actually here last saturday night. He was awesome! One of the best shows i I have been to
  15. cummins cowboy

    Largest load to date

    Have to get a picture but im pull a 25 foot dually gn trailer with mine with a cat telehandler on it. Trailer w/loader weigh in at 20,000 lbs