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  1. bucket truck

    What avg. mpg's are ya seeing

    19 is my best number. Average is 16. That alot of around town driving.
  2. bucket truck

    what torque converter do we need?

    You need something around 1600rpm stall speed with 89% effeciency or 91%( it will shift real hard though) If you got the money get a triple disk lockup clutch. And if you do all this you have to get a valve body to keep the tranny in check behind that good converter
  3. bucket truck

    cheap power BOMB?

    Hey guys, Somewhere a while back I read something about a device that plugs inbetween the crankshaft position sensor and the harness that tricks the ecm into changing the fuel injection timing by 1 or 2 degrees. It either retards or advances the fuel timing opposed to the actually engine timing. supposed to give a little more grunt off idle for alittle better drivability. I think it was selling for $75. Not sure what it's called, but it is NOT an A.D.D. It does not plug to the map sensor or VP. It does not do any fueling only timing. This is all I can remember about it and cannot find it on the web. I was wondering if anyone has heard about or used this device? Thanks, Caleb
  4. bucket truck

    Outside temp.?

    That's insane I have no idea what that is like!
  5. bucket truck

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks, I like it! Very laid back! 8) Caleb
  6. bucket truck

    Outside temp.?

    2 weeks ago it was in the low 20's @ night with a 10 to 20mph wind! that was my duty week on the call roster. I work for the power company, me and another lineman were out all night on overhead trouble. Then as the sun was coming up we had some underground trouble in a subdivision :x ! It was the first cold shot of the season and boy it was rough! It 's hard enough to get out of bed @ 1:30AM when a call comes in. A low in the 20's with windGUSTS up to 30mph! I don't know how the lineman up north do it! My hat is off to them!
  7. bucket truck

    Outside temp.?

    I was wondering how cold it was in Idaho? Today in Alabama it was in the high 70's! We are having a awful heat wave! It has been worse, back in 85 on X-mas day it hit a record high in the 80's! I hate this warm weather it is supposed to be in the 50's.
  8. bucket truck

    Hello Everyone

    Couldn't find a better site mechanic in my book! Caleb
  9. bucket truck

    check out my christmas tree.

    Looks like someone's been painting trees for a good while! I can't tell, it looks good in the pick. Same thing happened to my family when I was real young. We were still finding little spruce needles till we moved out!
  10. bucket truck

    89 YJ Cummins Swap

    Well Michael, You could swap trucks with your Mom for a few days. 8) No wait! What was I thinking?! That's a BIG Caleb Duncan
  11. bucket truck

    Question About A Perkins 4cyl Tractor Starter

    Sounds like the motor brushes are worn out. Is the starter clean of debris and oils? You may want to try spraying some electric motor cleaner down in it. This has helped me before when I had a Jeep that had 280k miles on the same engine/starter. It crnked like a champ til the day it died! Drove her like I stole her. 16yrs. to 19yrs old! She bit the dust going down the highway on my B-day of all days :x ! Tranny case sheared off 4 in. from the tailshaft. Drove home in 4x4 Hi and parked it. Sold it for $500 the next week.
  12. bucket truck

    89 YJ Cummins Swap

    That's awesome I'd love to have a diesel powered Jeep! Me and my dad were talking the other weekend and he told me he always wanted a Jeep to knock around in, but also wants a diesel. I think pulling stumps with my Dodge that day might have sold him on a diesel. Some how he wound up in the driver's seat of my truck while I was rigging the snatch rope and he never made his way back out til the work was done. :x Woo! Made me hot! But the tune from the straight pipe was worth standing back and watching! 8) But anyways, he was wondering if they were manufactured with a diesel. I don't think they ever were(?). I told him they may have been sold in Europe. Keep the progress posted b/c me and Dad are very interested! Caleb Duncan
  13. bucket truck

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. And any forum Mopar has a part of I had to join! Now let me check out this great new forum.