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  1. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Check it out! Go to www.idahobombers.com!
  2. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Hey Everyone, just an FYI, I just talked to GoDaddy and they said I did the domain name forwarding wrong. First, I have to point them to the default nameservers which could take 24-48 hours and then I need to do the forwarding which they also said could take 24-48 hours. Anyways, just a heads up, I'm expecting it to work itself out in the next 3 days. Thanks! Lem
  3. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Thanks Muddy Guys, if you need any help with this site, let me know. I used to use PHPBB all the time and I would be happy to help. Andy
  4. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Muddy, please read my posts, I was not trying to hurt any of you. As for what I thought was going on, thats my biz. I did not know ahead of time that it was just you guys, If you told Kevin, he did not tell me. I have pointed IdahoBombers.com to IdahoBombersForum.com but it may take 24-48 hours to propogate. It was a mistake to register those names, although honestly I thought about registering those names a long time ago because I live in idaho. I told SeaCummer that I would forward idahobombers.com here, he said he would get me the info and never did. I finally figured out how to do it today without the info. Its like nobody is even listening to what I'm saying. Nobody reads my posts and they just keep hammering me about the stupid domains. Better that I grabbed them(stupid as I may have been) and forward them to you than for someone else grab them and use them against you. When you build a site you ALWAYS grab the domain first. But no, everyone will always remember what a bad guy lem was for doing that. If anyone else would like to take a shot at me, take a number
  5. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    I agree. I know we were thinking about starting chapters soon, maybe Idaho Bombers would like to be the first? Still trying to figure out how chapters work though...
  6. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Hey there, I already admitted to that. There is no reason to deny it. When I registered it, I did not realize that it was Mopar's site. I thought it was someone else that was trying to cause trouble.
  7. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Thanks 99, I appreciate that. You are right, a month ago I was not having fun. I was stressed and the thing that was once fun was costing me money. I made some stupid mistakes, but I also learned a lot and also learned that there are people on that site that care about me, realize that I'm young and have helped me tremendously in the past few weeks. I appreciate that wisdom 99. Honestly, I'm back to having fun again. I'm just glad to know you dont hate me and I want you to know that you are always welcome at Cummins Forum and I think you will like what the future holds for that site. Lem
  8. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    I'm sure letshatelem.com is available? I promise I wont take it.
  9. Is This Site Open To Non-Tater Heads To

    Hmmm, guys, I'm really sorry for ticking you all off. Was not my intentions. Seems like everyone is pretty determined to hate me and I cant change that. As far as taking the domain name, I'm sorry, I already told SeaCummer and Mopar that I would point it to here. Of course it would be nice to see a link to Cummins Forum like you have for TDR... As far as the super cool truck that I drive, I'm making payments every month just like the rest of you. Many of the parts on the truck were graciously sponsored in exchange for the exposure. As far as the taxes that I owe(IRS, not state, I dont owe the state that much), they are from a previous company that owned half of. Most of the profits of that biz went to making the biz better, and the business also had a lot of overhead so I didnt make much. When we split the company, I got left with the tax bill. It was wrong of me to even post all that information in the first place because there will always be someone looking at it and not knowing the whole picture. I never made no $120,000 on Cummins Forum...Hahaha, that would be great though! As far as everything else goes, I was not trying to be greedy. I honestly thought for a second that the whole thing was a good idea and didnt think I would get attacked like I did. But I cannot change your minds about that. Anyways guys, this is a good site and I hope it all goes well for you! And please, if you want to ask me questions, go right ahead. I would prefer people ask me things and get the facts then to get all excited over nothing. Lem