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  1. garywj

    Possible Veg oil Source

    Acid for processing. First you mix 95% sulfuric acid with about half of the total methanol you would use for your batch, the acid amount is based off of your initial titration. After that is completed, you re-titrate and use the usual base method with the remaining methanol. Using this method I have dropped oil from a titration of 8 to as low as 2.6. The sulfuric bonds the free fatty acid chains to the methanol, so when you get to your base, a good portion of your oil has already been converted to fuel. I mist wash until the water is semi clear, then bubble wash until the fuel turns very dark. Then dry by fan and bubble drying. Yield is good, and the cost of the acid per batch is negligible. The cost of a gallon of sulfuric is 15.00, but say per 100 liters, you are only using about 60 ml. So, the acid goes along way! I calculated it out once, and if I remember right, the acid costs about .03 cents per gallon.
  2. garywj

    Possible Veg oil Source

    As far as I know you don't need a license to pick up free oil that the companies are giving away for free. As far as disposal of the unwanted crap, I just put it back into the carboys the oil came in and put them out with my garbage. The city trash guys pick them up and haul them away. They haven't said anything to me yet!! biohmmwv is right on, my system is about as low dollar as you can get, yet I have no problem producing lots of good fuel. The only problem I ran into was with how hard the oil had been used. The oil I am getting is Canola, but usually titrates in the 7 or 8 range. So I switched to an acid/base method of processing and have had excellent results ever since. With the results I get from the acid, I don't think I would ever switch back.
  3. garywj

    Exhaust turbine housing change

    Mine has "21" stamped into it on the exhaust pipe side of the housing. Pure Diesel power sells both 14 and 16 cm non-wg housings. I'm still hoping for a used one, they want 177.00 for them.
  4. garywj

    Exhaust turbine housing change

    Thanks Brian, if I can find one I'll be happy for the help. Are all the housings the same, or are there some years I should avoid? A non waste gated 14 would be perfect I think!
  5. garywj

    Exhaust turbine housing change

    I changed my mind, instead of the 16, I think I will go with a 12 or 14. I thought there was some major reason why they were pushing the 16, it turns out the 16 was just the only housing they had in stock. I canceled the order. I'm not even running a muffler, just strait pipe ending before the rear axle. Will I still need to modify the downpipe, or will it just sit a little lower?
  6. garywj

    Exhaust turbine housing change

    Which size did you use? The 16 or did you go smaller?
  7. garywj

    bio diesel

    Yup, I've been running home made 100% bio for a few months now, JGK also makes his own. There is a forum on this site for alt fuels. Just ask Muddy.
  8. garywj

    Exhaust turbine housing change

    Thanks D/unit, sounds like you have done a few of these. I also wondered about a smaller unit like a 14 of so, don't know why they recommend a 16 to replace the 21. I'll have to find out.
  9. I currently have the stock 21cm turbine housing on my truck. I ordered a 16cm housing, and should be ready to put it on next week. Can anyone tell me what all is involved in doing the swap. I mean other than removing the exhaust, and unbolting it from the manifold. Is it a real pain to separate it from the turbo? Thanks for your help!
  10. garywj

    Wheel fitment, what size do you run?

    I don't know what year, he let me take one home and mount it. It fits perfect. GM and Dodge has the same bolt pattern.
  11. Hey all. I have a co-worker who has a set of 16x10 8 lug aluminum wheel off of a GMC truck. Does anyone know if they will fit a Dodge? I am most concerned with clearance in the front end because they are 10 inches wide. What size rims and tires are you guys running on your first gens?
  12. garywj

    bad ass 4bt jeep truck

    That is cool, makes ya wanna start a project!
  13. garywj

    My first batch of bio-goop...

    Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile. I went ahead and used that batch I showed the pic of earlier. I have since made more batches, the one drying now is 25 gal. I switched to an acid-base process, and I seem to be having more success with it. Tinman, the hydrogen cell is really neat. I'm going to start on one of those projects real soon. Did you guys buy the books online, or just wing it? Should be pretty easy on a 1st gen, no computers!!!
  14. garywj

    My first batch of bio-goop...

    Here is the fuel after washing and drying. I took a small sample out and let is set for four days. I can read paper through it, and nothing appears to be settling, so I guess it's good to go. What kind of special equipment do you need to do the hydrogen?
  15. garywj

    I bought a Glock model 22

    Good choice on the Glock. I have a Glock 22 myself and I love it. Shoots circles around my .45 auto!! I have shot thousands of rounds through the Glock and have never had a problem. Nice gun!