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  1. SPOOLN2

    Project Ford Crew Cab

    Nice Number Greg! and thanks for the info, i'm sure ill be picking your brain more through this build. Shane we will have to meet up for a beer one of these days if we both got time.
  2. SPOOLN2

    WTB Cummins 12V engine

    Just depends on condition and what not i guess, don't much wanna go over $2500. I found a couple at a few different salvage yards like barger, and holts between 2k and 3K but would rather give someone else a shot before i buy something from salvage yard.
  3. SPOOLN2

    Project Ford Crew Cab

    this all comes down to finding a motor and trans, still debating on sticking with the E40D since im really not planning on crazy power. What adapter plate did you end up going with Greg? Also are you happy with the motor mounts you went with on your swap?
  4. SPOOLN2

    Project Ford Crew Cab

    Well its been a while since ive done much on the forums lately " well for the last year really", as work has been keeping me supper busy. Well all that aside, I picked up an OBS crew Cab F350 that Im going to be tearing into (over the next few years as time allows) plans are Cummins swap along with 6 speed manual, its got a 460 in it now with an auto, going to be quite a few other things to go along with it too. will start posting some pics and what not as the project starts and goes along.
  5. SPOOLN2

    WTB Cummins 12V engine

    Just like tittle says looking for Cummins 6BT 12V Engine, not to particular on miles, would prefer "complete" and a "Runner" including fan assembly, vac & PS Pump, and A/C pump. let me know if anyone has or knows of anyone who has one they would be willing to sell. Im really looking for 94 to 98 but would consider a VE motor if price is right. Thanks In Advance Fellas Justin
  6. SPOOLN2

    face lift

    Looks nice jerry. Now you need to get your cab lights on there. Sent from my DROIDX
  7. what's up buudddyyy

  8. SPOOLN2

    ugh, my third attempt at this

    i had the same problem checked the box that said keep me logged in on the log in deal and no more problems.
  9. SPOOLN2

    Front axle - Inspection and pulling right

    they put the shim on the passenger side, I put a DTprofab track bar on mine and have never looked back, probably the best money as far as the driving down the road factor i have spent on it. sector shaft brace helped too.
  10. SPOOLN2

    WINNER Rig of the month for April 2011

    congrats Jerry.
  11. SPOOLN2

    Walmart Has Mobil Delvac 1300 for $9.87

    dang thats a good deal right there. looks like i know where i will be going tomorrow.
  12. SPOOLN2

    Lift pump screen

    sorry i didnt get a chance to get it to yeah this weekend, hopefully before next weekend though. I put a reminder in my phone to grab it.
  13. nope no more going in a making sure of it.

  14. Better luck next time.

  15. well at least i was hoping for a boy..... lol