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  1. good to see ya mike :cheer:

  2. mike, glad to see ya back on :cheer:

  3. ITD August Dyno Day!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Craig, and all, I was so wanting to run the truck!!! But Good ol SuperValu / Albertsons Just laid me off! Guess I made to much money and think they can do servers better in India... Anybody have an opening for a wannabe diesel mechanic? I don't think they can send that overseas!
  4. bio diesel

    Looks like we are on a roll, TEAMWORK and we can make this thing rock!
  5. Possible Veg oil Source

    I have a line on 5 restaurants in Boise (A chain) that is more than willing to supply "if we pickup" (I think that's a DUH kinda statement). Problem right now is that he is running both Hydrogenated and non hydrogenated. I am picking up at one restaurant right now, if we can take it all maybe we can convince him to convert to full non-hydrogenated oils... No fee for disposal makes him kinda giddy.... biohmmwv - What issues have you run into with hydrogenated. This fellas didn't seem to gel up when it was in the 40's still pretty fluid... Better than most... Other restaurants I looked into turned into solids in the 50's
  6. Biodiesel for sale

    Thanks for checking!!! DANG!!!
  7. Another new member....

    AWESOME ANOTHER FORD MAN!!!! This place is looking better all the time!!! BAHAHAHA :poke :gay2:
  8. Tanks

    Awesome, enjoy the graduation!!! Hope to hear from you when you get back... Time sure flies.... Enjoy it!
  9. Biodiesel for sale

    Thanks! Would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Tanks

    K, Chuck, you still have access to those tanks? I think I want one for the bed of my truck.... Talk about not running out of fuels for a while!!! Are those the only sizes? And the methanol, I have A 55 gallon drum I am picking up this week from a buddy, I can hit the 4.80 price and share quite easily... Seriously boys I am on a tangent....
  11. Possible Veg oil Source

    Ok boys, I don't know about you, but @ $5.00 A GALLON, I think we can all put our heads together and either help each other out in coming up with a smooth process start to finish OR some kind of a co-op deal!!! I am in! Anybody want to really dig in here, either way I am going for it
  12. Biodiesel for sale

    Is this still a go? I'd like to give it a run through to first clean out my system and injectors and 2nd I wonder if he would share some experience....
  13. bio diesel

    Ok... 1) MUDDY, where is the location of the BIO fuels page(s)??? 2) I am trying to set myself up for this now... Who is using Appleseed processors, anyone have a good system down PAT? 3) How about retrieval (this sucks for me so far!) 4) IS THERE ANY food joint in the state that DOES NO use hydrogenated nasty oil? 5) As hydrogenated oils seem to be the way for most restaurants (I think because they save like .50 per 5 gallons), has anyone found away around the issues encountered in cool weather?
  14. Itd West Side Dinner Meet May 28 2008

    Unable to attend!! DANG IT! I have an upper GI that will put me out for the day (and evening)... That makes two and the blasted bomb party I have missed !!!!!!