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  1. BlackCloud

    Dog Days is back!!

    Dog Days 2011 Mark your calendars; Bully Dog has officially set the date of its annual Dog Days event for July 8th and 9th, 2011. Friday, July 8th will feature a variety of dealer training activities at Bully Dog’s World Headquarters in American Falls, ID. And a golf scramble that night. Work before play and all that. But Saturday is all about the fun. As in past years, Bully Dog will be holding an on-site Dyno competition for a variety of vehicle classes. But this year will also see the return of sled pulls to the day’s events! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event.
  2. BlackCloud

    Coolant system FUBAR

    i still have no clue why mine blew. I was running a beta verson test for us that only put down about 500hp
  3. BlackCloud

    dirty max

    ok i seen it.
  4. BlackCloud

    SE Idaho LB7 driver

    Welcome man
  5. BlackCloud

    Having trouble looking at your log files?

    i have no clue how to use my log files.. lol
  6. BlackCloud

    dirty max

    what truck is it?
  7. BlackCloud

    16'' STACKS

    holy crap. why?
  8. BlackCloud

    Coolant system FUBAR

    old thread but whatever.. mine did same thing.. coolant tank overflowed.. HG was blown. Just waiting on my ARP studs now. dropping the tranny to build it soon. Airdog is installed. also waiting on PPE steering parts and the fabtech rods
  9. BlackCloud

    Smoke switch

    i guess it only works on llys and lbzs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3S9Jzl6yMs
  10. BlackCloud

    Smoke switch

  11. BlackCloud

    Smoke switch

    map and maf. put a 33ohm resistor between a switch and them with some diodes. click the switch and the GT goes to 24lbs boost.
  12. BlackCloud

    Smoke switch

    yep, it works Built it last night and took this vid today
  13. BlackCloud

    xm quit working

    well... time to return to stock... lol. jk
  14. BlackCloud

    xm quit working

    true. makes me wonder how many other trucks are having the same problem.
  15. BlackCloud

    xm quit working

    thanks. ill check it out. id love to get efi live. but i paid practically nothing for the GT