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  1. MadMooseEngineering


    Looks like just an idler pulley to me, maybe has something to do with no a.c.
  2. MadMooseEngineering

    will 24valve injectors or injector nozzle work in a 12v

    12v and 24v are both mechanical commonrails are electronic. The vp pump controls timing and amount of fuel to spray. Commonrails supply equal pressure to all injectors than the computer fires off the injector.
  3. MadMooseEngineering

    Recall: '03 to '08 Rams (Left Tie Rod)

    Mines been replaced already by me with a moog piece.
  4. MadMooseEngineering

    New Turbos

    Thanks yea we have been a best of 11.44 letting off at 1000' due to no roll bar and me not wanting to destroy my street truck.
  5. MadMooseEngineering

    New Turbos

    With the 90s we did 720 and it now has a stage 3 cp3 but no new dyno numbers with the cp3.
  6. MadMooseEngineering

    '06 CP3 Leaking..... You Ever Pull One?

    That's one we have.
  7. MadMooseEngineering

    '06 CP3 Leaking..... You Ever Pull One?

    A special one its basically a plate with two bolts that thread in to the gear and goes across the shaft of the cp3. You have to tighten the bolts down even or you will damafe the shaft.
  8. MadMooseEngineering

    '06 CP3 Leaking..... You Ever Pull One?

    You will need a baring tool to hold the motor and a gear puller to pull the gear off the pump. Than just pull the lines and the nuts off than just wiggle the pump and pull it out.
  9. MadMooseEngineering

    Going to get a flatbed.

    That will work it will give me time to save up for.
  10. MadMooseEngineering

    Going to get a flatbed.

    I have been looking for new bed for my truck
  11. MadMooseEngineering

    Going to get a flatbed.

    Is your bed all jacked up or pretty clean and is it all black?
  12. MadMooseEngineering

    Buying New Truck! Need some help...

    Stick with an 03-04 dodge ram with thd 305 motor they got the best mileage and had better pistons than the later trucks. Yes we don't have efi live yet but with udc we are close.
  13. MadMooseEngineering


    We have a nice set if tow twins that will spool awesome. The only ptoblem is we have guus on yhe list for twins out to august. We also have to build 2nd gen twins on a truck we don't have jig set up yet. Also we aren't cheap but we have the best twin kits in THE country.
  14. MadMooseEngineering

    15 months and 100k miles later!! And no Issues

    If your reading that gauge as actual fuel mileage your foolish I never trust dodge fuel mileage computers. His truck has tuning I put it on the truck.
  15. MadMooseEngineering

    New Turbos

    We have 90hp nozzles now and will have horsepower numbers here soon