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  1. happy birthday john.

    btw, the jackass message supposeably posted by elkslayer was not posted by elkslayer, but posted by former staff member d/unit who had hacked elkslayers account.

  2. boisebiker

    Pretty impressed with the Duramax.

    Whe I was towing my 24' TT I could get almost 15mpg across Oregon. Then I stepped up to a 30' Toy Hauler that has triple axles and I have never been over 8.5mpg, except for that one time from Eisenhower tunnel to Denver when I got 9.2. Most of the time I feel lucky to get 8. Burb pulls it great just uses a lot of fuel to do it.
  3. boisebiker

    The Alaska Journey!

    After looking at those photos I kick my self for moving to Florida, man I miss the mountains.
  4. boisebiker

    Ever wonder where member BoiseBiker went..

    Sorry guys, didn't mean to just duck out like that, shit just happens. I had an opportunity come up in Florida that looked good. Now that I am here I have realized that I had it good in Idaho. If I had known then what I know now I probaly would not have made the move. Florida is one screwed up place, I can't beleive that 18 million people overlook the bulshit that you have to go through to live here. They must make it easier to move here if you are over 65. Oh well, I am here and I am trying to make the best out of it. Sure do miss the bomber parties, dyno days, and dirt biking. Oh and camping, and snow, and mountains. Suburban has been running good, almost time for a tranny build though, would be nice to have a pit crew to help. I will try to keep you updated on big changes.
  5. boisebiker

    Member Duramax Picture Thread

    Here you go.
  6. boisebiker

    Transmission Build Party rescheduled for 16 Feb

    Glad to help you out, but mostly I just wanted to see it done from start to finish so when I do mine it won't be a total supprise.
  7. boisebiker

    Transmission Build Party rescheduled for 16 Feb

    If you guys need any help with towing the truck I could help. I am in Boise and plan to be out there by 8am.
  8. boisebiker

    Josh H Transmission Biulding Party Feb 2

    I plan to attend also, baring any schedule change.
  9. boisebiker

    Add another DMax to the ITD Family

    How much did you pick it up for?
  10. boisebiker

    Building an Allison

    What kind of time frame are you looking at for the rebuild? I am in need of one also and would like to be included in your little get together.
  11. boisebiker

    Gathering parts for a tranny biuld.

    If and when you all get around to actually building your trannies let me know, mine is up for some work too. I got it to slip and limp 3 times on out trip to Moab and Denver so I think it is time. Don't plan on more than 500rwhp. If I could watch or help it would be great, hopefully I will be ready sometime around Feb. or March. Don't know what I need or want to do, but will need to do something before camping season next year.
  12. boisebiker

    What are you towing???

    I was going to put on airbags but since the new hitch I have not needed them. I may still do it anyway. I have 2 buddys that have used bags for sale. One set mounts over the leafs and the other guy has a set that mounts next to the leafs, just need to check them out.
  13. boisebiker

    What are you towing???

    My little trailer, I like to call Pepe!!
  14. boisebiker

    Duramax Yukon

    Should be driving through Utah the weekend before Thanksgiving and back through the weekend after, may need a place to stay(park the toyhauler) for the night on Fri. night and then again on the next Sat. night. NYCEBUY01 you got a place?
  15. boisebiker

    Duramax Yukon

    Too far to travel for just a dyno run, at least that is what the wife says. If you are even in Boise let me know.