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  1. How bout a Sunday like May 12th? Or 26th?
  2. VMacKenzie

    DYNO DAY @ Motor Mayhem. Sun May 1'st, 2011

    Now 1-1/2 weeks to go
  3. VMacKenzie

    Calling March 2010 BOMB party Attendees

    I'm good at leaving stuff all over the place LOL Chances are I didn't leave it there. I do know I had the stuff there & remember it last there but must've brought it home & lost it somewhere else
  4. Hey guys, just putting this up for those who were at Atlas Welding for the BOMB party last March. . . I'm trying to track down some stuff I think I accidentally left there. Some of the things I'm missing are a set of large diameter Autometer gauges, 24v boost fooler, gauge holders and some miscellaneous gaskets & other small parts. I think there was also some Sport headlight conversion relays & such. I believe it was all in a plastic storage container. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Brian the owner or manager guy? Anyway I recall taking the bin out of my truck while down there and think I drove off and left it, but not totally sure. If anyone happens to know the whereabouts of my stuff I'd be tickled to have it back Vaughn
  5. VMacKenzie

    Get your pic's up for Jan 2011

    Well those pictures sure turned out bad let's try this again http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n228/VMac822/My%20Trucks/96438k3.jpg http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n228/VMac822/My%20Trucks/96438k.jpg?t=1294893405 Ah OK Elkslayer I'll do them for February
  6. VMacKenzie

    Get your pic's up for Jan 2011

    Here's a couple pics of the '96 I took a few weeks ago. Doesn't look bad for 438,000 miles. Do "Truck of the Month" pics need to be taken the same month? I took these mid November.
  7. VMacKenzie

    New Shocks

    I shocked both my trucks lately and am happy with the results. On the '98 which is 2wd I put on a set of Rancho RS9000XL 9-position adjustable shocks on the front. I set them in the middle which is just about right (kinda firm, which is what I prefer) and the ride is less soft & bouncy than the Monroes I replaced. http://www.gorancho.com/products/shocks/rs9000xl/rs9000xl.php I only put shocks on the front of the '98 since the backs were OK but I'll probably do the backs with the same thing. The RS9000XLs are noticeably higher quality than the older 5-setting shocks they used to have. On the '96 the worn out Bilsteins (blue & yellow) that lasted only 25,000 miles were swapped out for KYB Monomax shocks all the way around. They're definitely firm which is what I wanted. Helps make the old truck feel almost like new except I need to work on steering components now. http://www.tirerack.com/suspension/suspension.jsp?make=KYB&model=Monomax+Shock Vaughn
  8. VMacKenzie

    slipped timing?

    I have the whole setup if you need it. Who set the timing originally, was the nut torqued to 144 ft lbs? Lots of good brake-clean used on the shaft hub when the gear was pulled and time allowed to dry? I've been involved with at least 16-20 timing jobs and 0 slips known to date. . . Vaughn
  9. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    cdiamondc, I believe the "official" time is 10am Saturday, but I doubt anyone would mind if you got there before then Vaughn
  10. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    Hope you can make it Amanda. . .
  11. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    Will look for you Friday then Mike. The weather forecast getting there and back isn't looking that great, will be dealing with a fair amount of white stuff over the blues and maybe past Baker City especially Thurs and Fri. Meacham may get 8" tomorrow and weather is turning much colder. I'm bringing the old truck! Vaughn
  12. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    Ah OK Lee, where are you staying Fri nite?
  13. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    Hey Mike click this link then scroll down to Boise Airport Motel 6 http://www.motel6.com/accormaps/M6ProximityResults.aspx?searchtype=C Then after you enter you check in/out dates click "Click 6 Rate" I just checked and it's still $32.99, if you end up getting a reservation shoot me a PM, we could exchange cell numbers if you want to hook up Fri nite or convoy over to Mountain Home in the morning.
  14. VMacKenzie

    BOMB party is almost here!!!

    I'm staying at Motel 6 on east side of Boise Friday nite, $32 or so. I hope the weather clears by this weekend, with all the cold rainy weather lately hopefully it's not dumping too bad in the mountains.