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  1. Can't find the forums on mobile platform?


  2. dennhop

    LED Dome Lights in the Mega!!

    Here's similar to what I bought for mine....http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/04/76/62/93/0004766293157_300X300.jpg
  3. dennhop

    LED Dome Lights in the Mega!!

    Here's a couple of night time pics. The one through the side is through the closed windows, about 35% tint. Front shot From the side
  4. dennhop

    LED Dome Lights in the Mega!!

    I'll have to take a picture...they're bright, especially for a direct replacement led bulb. The front covers just pop out, to replace the lighting.
  5. Good info...didn't new injectors start disappearing around 2010 or so?
  6. dennhop

    LED Dome Lights in the Mega!!

    not to rain on your parade, but even the little LED lightbulbs you can buy at autozone make a huge difference...it's what I did on mine, they were cheap, direct replacements for the stock bulbs, and they had enough for me, lol!
  7. dennhop

    Going to get a flatbed.

    I'm running a Bradford Built on my 96, and love it. I've also got another one on my 06 Mega, not sure of the brand. It's not bad, just has a lack of tie down points, and some other stuff...it came with the Mega, so I'm not complaining, but if I had to buy another one, I'd buy another Bradford Built.
  8. dennhop

    hmmm...think it's bad?

    Sooo, after finally getting the new trans and clutch in, I went ahead and got around to pulling the old one out...this is what I found when I opened up the 5th gear housing, knowing only that I had lost 5th gear, but it sounded a lot worse than it's ever had before...
  9. You can use a 12v nozzle on a 24v body and reset the pop off, which is common enough in 24v ppump conversions but the 24v injector body is different and won't mount into a 12v.
  10. dennhop

    05 6.0 EGR Cooler questions

    And I've got a 12ver....won't ever have to worry about an egr on that!
  11. dennhop

    05 6.0 EGR Cooler questions

    Sorry, it did...turns out nc has no inspection for vehicles over 10000 lbs, so egr delete is a go. And a huge PITA!!!! I bought a Cummins for a reason...now I know why!!! :-)
  12. dennhop

    will a 03 turbo work on a 97

    IIRC, I think you're mixing it up because I believe the HE351 was an electronically controlled waste gate..,
  13. dennhop

    05 6.0 EGR Cooler questions

    I know this has been beat to death, but there's so many different opinions and results out there, I'm not sure exactly what tot do. My neighbor has an 05 6.0, that his EGR cooler is bad on. He said he had found a replacement OEM style cooler, that supposedly moved the cooling channel outside the cooler housing, supposedly keeping it separate from the airflow...not sure if this is true or not, but I haven't seen the cooler he's talking about. As I started doing a bit more research on the EGR issue for the Ford 6.0, I discovered there's a million different opinions and experiences with this issue...I'm a Dodge guy, so you'll have to forgive me my ignorance. One thing I haven't been able to get a solid handle on is the difference in experiences between people who own 05's, that have and haven't had to get a tuner to disable the CEL after doing a cooler delete...Some say they don't have a CEL, some say the do, and had to get a tuner to delete it. One guy on a forum stated that River City Diesel told him specifically for an 05, to do a EGR cooler delete, there was no requirement for a tuner to cancel the CEL. But I've read where people said they did need to run a tuner for an EGR cooler delete on an 05. Does anyone know of a way to test prior to the installation, to find out if the delete will require a tuner? My neighbor doesn't have a lot of money, and this is his work truck, so there's no plan for high horsepower mods, nothing crazy, and he's not going to have the money to get a tuner anyway...the EGR cooler he found was around $150. The reason i brought this up is that I told him I'd do the work for him-I'm aware of what I'm getting myself into, as I've seen 5 or 6 videos showing what has to happen to get to the cooler, and I understand I'm in for at least 8 hours of work, unless I can get my buddy to help me out-he's done a full EGR delete on his, so he at least knows what all has to happen. Before I did the work though, I wanted to do my due diligence, to find out if I could either delete the cooler, or pull it and take it in to get the ends welded up-that way, even though it is leaking right now, it would still at least flow the coolant, and stop the flow of coolant through the intake, which I know he could get it done far cheaper than buying the new EGR-and then try to convince him to buy the oil cooler instead, since I'm going to have to be in there anyway. I did read a ton of threads where guys used freeze plugs to seal off both ends of the EGR cooler, but I also noticed that most of those guys seemed to have issues later on, with the plugs either falling out, or leaking later, which is why I'm considering pulling it, taking it in and having someone weld a plug on both ends. My biggest concern is I know he doesn't have a lot of money, I know he's not going to be modifying it for horsepower or performance later-it's solely a worktruck, and in NC, the CEL will have to be off for him to pass annual inspections. I'm not willing to dive into doing an EGR cooler delete of some sort, to find out on the tail end that the CEL is on, and I just cost him an additional 3-500 dollars for a tuner just to delete it. Also, I'm concerned about the condition of his oil cooler, but knowing unless he doesn't have to buy the EGR cooler or delete, he's not going to be able to afford the oil cooler. Any suggestions or thoughts? I really don't want to have to do an new EGR cooler now, and then find out a month or two from now, that his oil cooler was bad, and now he's out two EGR coolers and an oil cooler.
  14. I need an NP241 DHD, for a manual, 29 spline input, 32 spline output, for a 96 or a 97 one piece tail housing would work, as long as it has the speedo gear. Cash is kinda tight these days, so in an attempt to offset the cost, I've got a new unused Super winch Tiger shark 13.5k winch I bought a while back that I never got around to installing...ice still got the steel cable as well as a synthetic line. I'd be looking to trade for the DHD, if anyone has what I'm looking for.
  15. dennhop

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    Man, I wish they'd had this two years ago!!!!!!!