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  1. I will be there. Susi and Salena are "Maybe" make it, but I will verify with them tomorrow.
  2. Had a great time visiting after the photo shoot. The food was FANTASTIC!
  3. I will be there as early as possible. Took Susi to the airport yesterday. She is in Germany now, to see her mom for the final time.
  4. Tow Pig Project

    Looking good, Cody. I never saw the need for poly body bushings. Poly bushings stiffen things up, and I prefer not having road vibrations transferred to the passenger compartment, whether it be truck or car.
  5. Susi and I will be there tonight.
  6. I plan to attend. Is it time for a new location, yet? I am thinking, yes.
  7. Nope. I will not make it the meeting tonight. Pain medications did not work, and I have not slept since Monday night. I will try to get some sleep now. Sorry, but hopefully my back surgery will happen sooner, rather than later, and will reduce some of my pain. I would love to be active in the Club, and in my family's social life, too. Let's see how September goes. Maybe I can make it to that meeting.
  8. Susi and Salena are wondering if you plan to change the meeting location again. They cannot make it tomorrow night, and I will try. Pain level has been much higher than usual. Surgery appointments are moving forward, slowly, as in..."At the speed of Government", but at least the process is moving forward again. Hope to be there tomorrow night.
  9. Tow Pig Project

    Looking good, Cody. Love the progress you're making.
  10. re-joined from Twin Falls

    Welcome back, Wayne.
  11. New guy

    Welcome to the Club, Jamie. Glad to have you aboard.
  12. Hi Everyone,


    My apologies for not being around much lately. Several issues, computer-related and family-related, have taken up more time than there are hours in the day. Things are slowing down a bit, but I do not see that lasting long.


    I am still here and want to be an active member of this community. My pain levels have been through the roof AND the VAMC Boise has pushed out, for the fourth time, my back surgery date. I am very close to involving my Congressman.


    I completed my internship requirement. As such, I am now eligible to graduate at the end of the 2017 Summer session. Commencement ceremony will be in December 2017. BSU does not have a summer commencement ceremony.


    I look forward to spending more time on the site and attending other Club activities. I hope to see you at those activities, and online, too.

  13. Tow Pig Project

    I'll keep my eyes open for stick-shift truck and let you know if I find one.
  14. I plan to be there on the 19th. My back surgery on the 28th was pushed into late-August. This is getting ridiculous.
  15. Idaho Turbo Diesels May 17 2017 Meet


    Susi, Salena, and I will be there tonight.
  16. Awesome. Who ever he/she was, he/she should NOT prepare food for a living. Sorry for not making it to the meeting last night. The cook issue was a concern, but not a primary concern. I am preparing for my final exams and final projects coming due in the next couple of weeks. I cannot believe I graduate, (well, IF I pass Epidemiology), this summer. My surgeon cancelled my back surgery in June, so the VA Medical Center authorized me to have it done outside of the VA Medical Center system. I am trying to schedule surgery with the surgeon who performed my first back surgery. Should be hearing from the scheduling department in the next week or two.
  17. I'll be there. Susi and Salena were not too impressed with the food at the last meeting. Hope it was just a different cook or something.
  18. Shop picture...

    Looks like a nice shop, to me.
  19. 2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    Sorry I missed it. Two more months of classes, then a summer internship, and hopefully some free time for a few weeks before back surgery. I'll probably need some coffee during recovery. Might be best if that happens near my neck of the woods and on a weekend so Susi can drive for me.
  20. january's dinner meet

    A new place already? I liked that place, and it was easy to find. LOL. Wish we could've made it, but with sick women in the house, and me forgetting it was meeting day, it just wasn't in the cards. I'll see if I can find the post about the new place before I ask where the new place will be for February.
  21. I am unable to "Like" posts and replies. Did the "Like" button disappear for some reason?
  22. january's dinner meet

    Sounds good to me. I'm liking the food and service, (most of the time), at this place. Susi and Salena have agreed with me about going there just for dessert and coffee. I might try to do that before the next semester starts.
  23. december meeting, wed, dec 21

    Susi, Salena, and I had a great time. Good food, great conversations with some wonderful people.
  24. Where Did The "Like" Button Go?

    Where? I see the "Share" button, but nothing else. I can't even upload or insert the photo of what I'm talking about to show you what I see.
  25. december meeting, wed, dec 21

    We'll be there.