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    New Turbos

  2. jstieger

    New Turbos

    Thanks - your numbers give me encouragement. I have an appointment at Motor Mayhem Monday morning. I'm going to dyno TNT/R versus a couple of UDC tunes I made. I also want to see if my Flux 2 injectors are tapped out.
  3. jstieger

    New Turbos

  4. Awesome - a date that finally works out with my work schedule!
  5. jstieger

    It's ALIVE!!!!!

    Shane- Glad to see you got it done without Murphy's Law intervention! Maybe next time I'm through Twin I'll bring a set of valve springs for my truck... Soooo... when are the dual CP3's going on?
  6. jstieger

    Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor issues..

    I have the early 2003 APPS mounted by the intake horn. It's taking up too much valuable space where other things could be mounted. Does anyone know if the newer style APPS mounted under the driver side battery could be easily swapped in for this style APPS?
  7. That's great that Don's back! I still haven't received any of my electronic copies of my last dyno like they (Tommyboy) said they would email me. Anyhow, we may pop in since we'll be in Boise this weekend. Haven't decided whether or not to dyno yet... would rather spend the $100 to get the full 1 hr in to try different combos rather than being pressured to get the runs over it like on a typical dyno day.
  8. jstieger

    Idaho Dyno Day Dec 9th 2006

    Nice meeting you guys again - I wish I had more time to visit. Between Christmas shopping and traffic in Boise by the malls, I was ready to go insane. So I had to vent some smoke a bit . After this dyno I think smaller injectors are in my future. With the Smarty and TST, even the modded fuel pump can't keep up and I'm losing rail pressure. If I take the Smarty off, then I get the numbers in my sig - but my low end starts to suck - up to 100 ft-lbs lower in the 1800-2200 rpm range. 92D - that is a sweet rig you have! That is like how a truck should look. I was the guy in the silver 3rd gen w/ fuel tank in the box waiting in line to dyno when you drove up about 9:00 am. Who all lives in the Boise / Meridian area? I usually give cquestad on DTR a call when I come in to dyno, but it would be great to also meet up with others too for BSing and lunch.