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  1. btw, the jackass message supposeably posted by elkslayer was not posted by elkslayer, but posted by former staff member d/unit who had hacked elkslayers account. elkslayer posted a welcome back, and d/unit maliciosly modified the profile message elkslayer put.

  2. thought you fell in a hole never to be seen again im in charge here now.

  3. Uncle Bubba


    Looks like Brian in the pic but it can't be, he would a made the floats out a steel.
  4. Uncle Bubba

    It's Back

    Here I been wonderin why life was so quiet on DB and find ya all hidin out back on here.
  5. Uncle Bubba

    Muffler Delete???

    The 12V had cats but the VP44 was the answer to get rid of them and then they came back with the Common Rail trucks. Here's a thread to look through for legality. http://www.idahobombersforum.com/vb/showthread.php?t=5276&highlight=police
  6. Uncle Bubba

    Muffler Delete???

    As Nate reminded me of, there is no cat on these trucks. What looks like a cat under there is a resonator to further control noise, not air pollution.
  7. Uncle Bubba

    Muffler Delete???

    Thanks Nate, wasn't even thinkin about the fact that our particular years don't run cat's anyway. Lookin back trough I need to clarify somethin. The power loss with a straight pipe was versus a good aftermarket exhaust and not the stock exhaust. The stock exhaust on these trucks is complete restrictive crap that does a fine job of choking up an even stock powered truck.
  8. Uncle Bubba

    Muffler Delete???

    I know it's a common thing to run straight pipes and all kinds a guy's are gonna jump up and down when they read this but it's all in the name of an informed decision. For years Dyno's have shown a power loss from straight pipes but you don't hear about it much anymore because of the hell ya catch every time you mention it. Straight pipes sound cool and will lower EGT's a few degree's but a good aftermarket exhaust will do the same thing. If you read through the site here you will also find a few guys complainin about the tickets they have gotten runnin the straight pipes in your state. If you do decide to pull the cat keep it handy in case you decide to put it back on later. They are insanely expensive to buy another one down the road.
  9. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    Here's the two big companies in this product. http://www.counteractbalancing.com/ http://www.innovativebalancing.com/ The problem with both of these are that they can clog up the valve stem in cold weather unless you use an air supply with an air dryer or Nitrogen. This is why they have started usin the plastic BB's. These Soft shot BB's are also cheaper. And there has never been any problems with any of these eatin the insides of tires even over he course of a million miles that are probably on some of these re-tred semi tires.
  10. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    The balancing beads have been around for years now in use in semi tires and are only in the last few years workin there way into our trucks. The real ones you buy come in bags that the whole bag gets dropped into the wheel during assembly. Centrifical force forces the weight to the outside of the tire automatically distributing it exactly where it needs to go on every revolution of the tire.
  11. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    Yes it is and takes complete U-turns at highway speed.
  12. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    I won't take up to much space in this tire thread but to make the answer to your question on his car but to make this easy I found his for sale add for the turbo'd motor that is in it. If your interested in more info feel free to PM me or just start a thread and I'll have him jump in and tell ya anything ya want to know. He's a car build freak. 1.6 FMII kit with engine, trans, and ECU plus extras! Hello all, After a year of saying I am going to, I am finally getting the final steps down for the LS1 swap which I will be doing at the end of this year (hopefully). The turbo 4 cylinder is still in the car, and will stay in the car until a deposit is given so the prospective buyer can get a chance to see and feel the engine/turbo kit before they make the plunge. Now is the perfect chance to replace your tired 82rwhp 1.6 with a 200+ rwhp low mileage 1.6. My last tank of fuel driving around town yielded 28.89mpg, which is about average around town (highway is 32+). The setup will consist of: JDM 1.6 liter with recent timing belt change with maybe 65k miles total (My stock 1990 suffered the short crank syndrome) FMII kit with intercooler and all the extras Link ECU with MAP sensor,Knock sensor, Electric boost controller, and tuning cable Vishnu fuel rail with dual feed setup Good power steering pump , alternator, and anything else hanging off the engine Flyin Miata clutch package stock 1990 5 speed transmission with 112,000 miles 3500 plus shipping. I will strap it all to a pallet and take it to any shipping place within a 30 mile radius or drive within a 200 mile radius at 25 cents per mile (just enough for fuel) Also up for grabs- Torsen rear end from a 95. Will come with CV's and driveshaft to make it a bolt in setup. 850 plus shipping separate, or 600 if you purchase the turbo engine setup AWR Ron Davis Radiator- Maybe 10,000 miles on this. Still in great condition. It will come with two Spal Fans to keep your little monster cool 550 plus shipping separate, or 400 with the purchase of the turbo engine setup
  13. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    Can't answer ya on the brass or copper actual real BB's, I suspect they would be noisy in a daily driver around town. The rubber ones seem to work out great. Lot a guy's using them in hot rods and autocross cars. My kid does a lot a buyin, sellin and builds on drag car stuff and he has a Jeep Cherokee built for off road with 34" Interco mudders and a little turbo charged Miata that he uses for autocross and has used these in all of em, so far with good results.
  14. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    In the hot rod scene the new big thing is some rubber BB's that they sell in the plastic bottles in sporting good sections of all the dept stores. They come in like 2 pound containers. I've seen em on the shelves of Walmart but don't know what they are really for. I was just askin the kid about em when I happened to walk out to the barn and he had is tires all pulled.
  15. Uncle Bubba

    What tires do you run?

    Balancing Beads, the only way to go for the bigger size tires.