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  1. TC locks in low range in my 05 wihtout issues. I wonder if it wasn't the snow and the tires were still turning until you rode the brakes hard enough. In low range and second gear thats a lot of TQ. On a slick surface and manual 2nd it might not think the truck is stopping of the tires won't.
  2. CeberusIam

    DIY Tuner

    If anybody has gotten into the actual core programming they are not talking about it. The last report was neither Marco nor Mark Chapel have broken the core code that is the brains of the ECU. The best they have done is figured out how to manipulate the tables that drives the performace. The core program that reads the tables and implements the actual instructions is still a black box. Until that is either decompiled, replaced, or reverse engineered not chance of an EFI live like tuner.
  3. CeberusIam

    Running Hot?

    Off hand I'd say your probe is messed up and not reading correct, probably from beating on the 2nd gear apply piston. If your lucky it didn't hurt something. The Accutemp is not bad but its not accurate either, 10-20 degrees off from actual and a lot slower reacting. Deep pan will help but if you have an actual problem its a bandaid. A decent non-intrusive solution though. Fix the temp gauge first then drive it to see where the temps settle. If your engine are actually up there you might see the trans running 190-200 as the coolant is the first thing that cools the fluid. If it doesn't pull enough fluid it will just return too hot to the pan.
  4. CeberusIam

    ABS/Brake light on

    I think they took that little feature away on the 06's. Choices: find somebody with a Smarty, go to Autozone/Shucks/??? and have them read them, or buy a cheap code reader.
  5. CeberusIam


    Probably time for a pump rebuild if nothing obvious shows up. All kinds of nastry surprises when the pumps start to go.
  6. CeberusIam

    '06 stalling

    Thats normal for an unmodified engine and transmission, especially with the 4.11 gears. The 3200 is is engine governor and once it hits that it derates the fuel drastically until 300-500 rpm drop then ramps it up again. Its not and instant ramp up so everything feels soft. Gov pressure solenoid and transducer will also cause it to hit and hang before it shifts correctly. Typical problem. all built in fail safes to keep things in one piece.
  7. CeberusIam

    Thought provoking video

    Very nice!!! Forwarded it to my kids for their enjoyment. My son has done 3 tours in the gulf with the Nimitz strike group. My daughter is set to deploy to Bagram for her second tour in 2009. My thanks to them and ALL who have given their best for us!!!!!
  8. CeberusIam

    This guy needs some help...

    I am betting plugs and wires.......
  9. CeberusIam


    I can't get past 8 psi and the rears light up no matter how hard I stand on the brakes.
  10. CeberusIam

    this is driving me nuts

    Yeah, they will feel tight and good and be bad. Look real close around the endcaps and see if you can see any indication of grease being thrown out. That will indicate they are getting hot and spitting the grease out. The marks are very subtle. Had the same thing and the mechanics swore they felt good but when they replaced them two ujoints had dry cups.
  11. CeberusIam

    More of the same 'ol for Ford and the 6.4L??

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1. To be flawless is to be without shortcomings, to achieve perfection. 2. Cummins B series diesel engines manufactured from 1983 to 2007. Most notably their greates achievements when used in Dodge light duty trucks. Well, thats close enough for me! :lol: Shameless, I know. When you have a foundry, contracts pay the bills. I would guess the guys with the seeping 53 blocks wish it was cast by IH instead of south of the equator. Which goes directly to my point, QC on the parts is 99.999% of the failures. The 53 blocks are a casting failure from a foundry , only one of several mind you. Fuel system failures compromise the bulk of the problems and again its a 2nd party supplier, Bosch, that is the source. Move your production facilities to parts of the former USSR and see what happens to quality. The design did not fail, the parts did for a variety of reasons. Having a B engine window a block, shatter a piston into so many pieces it ends up in the oil pan, lift the head off the block or warp it just doesn't happen in normal circumstances. It doesn't happen very often in extenuating circumstances either. Now if you want the ultimate in reliability, power, and efficiency the good old p-pump 12V is about as close to perfection as has ever been built. Give a little more fuel than stock and it would pull a mountain down every 100k to a million miles. THAT is a standard we will never see again.
  12. CeberusIam

    More of the same 'ol for Ford and the 6.4L??

    Jeez, make a comment on the source of the problem and the "brand war" flags start flying at full mast. The concept of a brand war with diesels is ridiculous anyway. Fact, not ONE of the big 3 has EVER designed and built a successful diesel. They all bought a finished product from and established diesel vendor. So its really a Cummins-IH-Isuzu thing not a Dodge-Ford-Chevy thing. Anything else is all about the wrapper and supporting pieces. Diversity and choice is a good thing, with trucks anyway. Yes, Steve I was refering to GM's ill fated previous attempts at dieselizing. If you think they are a good product, you a better man than me. The diesel power race and emissions are the main reasons for the failures of ALL 3 of the engines in question. All the manufacturers have gone away from the proven reliability of their respective choices to chase the buying public and in the process created their own problems. They are also learning ho to meet missionswhich they hve not hd to do much of with previus offerings. Dodge comes out the clear winner here because of the potential of the B series engines and its origins. Aside from QC problems and crappy fuel, the problems that plague the Navistar and Isuzu diesel just don't happen to a Cummins due to its design. While cost of the Dodges may have contrbuted some, anybody that spends any time hotshotting and really working these engines knows which one is the clear winner. Sorry, the numbers don't lie and when you base your living on your equipment brand loyalty gets tossed out the window. Quite frankly. I am glad there are OTHER diesel choices. Gives the competition something to aim for. :poke
  13. CeberusIam

    More of the same 'ol for Ford and the 6.4L??

    Oh, now that is funny!!!! :lol: Ford is the PROBLEM and their own worst enemy with 6.0 and looks like the 6.4 also. While the design is not one of IH's best, its not a total turd either and pushing beyond its design limits just proves that there are some engineers that ain't got a clue how a real engine works. GM tried that for years and it's still one of the biggest jokes in the diesel world. Ford will have to buy the engine from somebody that has a rep for a decent engine, keep their grubby little HP chasing hands off the programming and engineering, and maybe they will have a chance.