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  1. GD turn signal

    Mine does that when the headlight switch is failing, if it runs to long flashing like that it melts the plug in the dash.
  2. SD dash pod modded for OBS

    Looks good Dan! FWIW, the SD cloumn pod will also work on the OBS trucks, all it takes is a little trimming around the turn signal lever. I have my fuel pressure gauge mounted in one.
  3. Ts Chip

    good point Powertrip, when I read Powerlabs last post, I took it to mean that the truck was in the process of getting the upgrades
  4. Tuner upgrade???

    Beat me to it! I was going to throw that link out too.
  5. Ts Chip

    I'd have him make the turbo and injector changes before getting to deep in to the tuning. Once hes has the parts he wants installed, then you could give one of the custom tuners a call and tell them what he has and how he wants it to perform.
  6. Ts Chip

    Does he want a real aggressive tune or a strong one that works well? My TS chip had really aggressive timing and low end fueling, and felt like a rocketship to drive. Then I switched to Jody's tunes, and the truck seemed to be lacking power, until I dynoed it, and it made 30hp more then the TS chip. The power was just so much smoother that it was nicer to drive.
  7. Building an Allison

    Thanks Rob, most likely I'll end up with an 05 or earlier, so 5spd price would be great! Thanks.
  8. Building an Allison

    I'm shopping right now for a truck, and plan to do the trans build as soon as possible after purchase. I'd like to come down and be a part of the fun too IdahoRob, would you please pm me a price on the kit and also a price on your spare trans with the kit in it. If you need any specifics, let me know, but as of right now I don't have the truck so I'm just lookin for ball park figures.
  9. Ts Chip

    Thats what happened to my TS chip, Sold it to my buddy, and he had our very own member fix it up for him.
  10. whats the differance between 2s and hybrids?

    Have you tried the R-IPR that Joey's got out now? BTW Dan, I may be selling my electric fuel sys in the near future, PM me if your interested.
  11. whats the differance between 2s and hybrids?

    I agree, do the big oil, then decide how much fuel you want.
  12. whats the differance between 2s and hybrids?

    You're runnin stg1s now aren't you?
  13. whats the differance between 2s and hybrids?

    I think the biggest plus of the hybrids is the ability to run with less hpo, and deliver the same or more fuel. I don't know how they compare cost wise, I've never really looked into it.
  14. Tuner upgrade???

    FYI, I have heard from a number of people that Jody is NOT reprogramming Evo's anymore. He told the last guy I talked to that he has agreed to stop doing it at Edge's request. I haven't talked to Jody recently so I can't verify this as fact, but he did refuse to reprogram at least 2 Evo's that I know of.
  15. Ts Chip

    Scotch Brite for me too. I had a TS chip for 6 months and in the highest setting the truck idled very poorly. Each click that I turned the chip down would improve the idle slightly.