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  1. RockinJW

    Immaculate 03' Cummins Dually

    Pictures are too large to post here on the site, shoot me an email address and I can send you some pictures...
  2. RockinJW

    Immaculate 03' Cummins Dually

    2003 5.9L Cummins Quad Cab Dually. Long list of mods, truck was modified by Wide Open Performance. 42,000 miles, babied everyone of them. Front end and dually fenders were cover with Clear Bra when the truck was new. 6" EZ Ride lift with dual front shocks and dual steering stabilizers. All shocks are Donahoe Racing. Haisley Double Disc clutch, you won't slip it. 6" exhaust system with 8" tip 66mm Turbo on an ATS Manifold Airaid intake Fass Fuel System TST Powerbox column mounted gauges complete upgraded stereo system Snow Performance Water injection On board train horns 100hp Industrial Injection injectors I could go on and on. Like stated, truck is immaculate, I dare you to find one cleaner anywhere. I've got more pictures of the truck that I can email to anyone interested. Truck made 598hp on fuel. If I had the cash, I'd by this truck for myself... Asking $28,000 but open to offers
  3. RockinJW

    got pulled over in the pullin truck

    That's the kind of driving that gives the rest of us diesel guys and our industry a bad name... Thanks for contributing
  4. RockinJW

    6.0 Intercooler install on a 7.3. Superduty.

    It can be done, did it in both my trucks. Just need to change the lines on the trans cooler. That's easy.
  5. RockinJW

    Moving back to Utah

    Hey guys-wanted to post up an update on my status, after getting layed off at Diesel Tech. As some of you know, I'm origionally from central Utah, where I'll be moving back to this weekend. Zane at Wide Open Performnace in Sandy, UT called last week and offered me a job there. I'll be their new sales guy, someone that can start getting their shop active on the forums, answering phone calls and questions from customers, etc. They are also going to start doing cryo treatment, powder coat, and ceramic coating in house their. So he asked if I could start drumming up business on that end. I really don't want to move back to Utah, as I've really learned to love South Eastern Idaho, but I guess you go where the paychecks are. I'm very excited to be going to work for Wide Open, one of the premier performance shops in the country, especially when it comes to Power Strokes. I'll still remain active on the forum here, made a lot of good friends through here, so I won't stray too far.
  6. Just got off the phone with James at Custom Auto, he said that Industrial Injection has sponsored up some money for the dyno event, so there WILL be payouts to the winners.
  7. Alright guys. Just got final word that the United Pullers Association's first pull of the season will be June 20th in Idaho Falls at Sandy Downs. I believe the diesel classes will start at 4pm and there will be a payout for winners. United and NADM have hooked up together for the season, so the United pulls will be sancionted NADM Diesel pulls, and the NADM will be paying out for each class I believe. Custom Auto will be setting there dyno up that morning and start dynoing trucks around 9 a.m. So everyone, lets kick the diesel event summer season off right and get a big showing off diesel trucks for the dyno competition and sled pull later that day. We need to make a valiant effort to show the National Diesel Association's that their time and money is well spent here in our area...
  8. Hey guys-just wanted to let everyone know. Due to the economic struggles, our publishing company has been forced to cut back expenses anyway they could. Unfortunately, that meant laying off some employees and my name was on the list. As of this morning I am no longer employed at Diesel Tech Magazine. Not sure where I go from here or what I do next, but I will actively be pursuing any and all opportunities associated within our diesel community. This is an industry I believe in and would love to stay a part of. Jacob White
  9. RockinJW

    June Diesel Tech Now Online

    Hey guys- we just finished up with our June issue of Diesel Tech Magazine, you can now see it online at: www.dieseltechmag.com/free
  10. RockinJW

    Howdy from Utah

    Welcome man. Where you located in Utah? I grew up in Utah, just moved to Idaho after college just over a year ago.
  11. RockinJW

    united pullers sled pull meeting april 25

    Super Street class is for trucks running single chargers to big to meet the 2.8 rules and 'Street Twin' setups with primary chargers smaller than a 3.2 inducer. Sorry Al, think your charger setup still puts you in the class with Shane Boyer and the likes...
  12. RockinJW

    united pullers sled pull meeting april 25

    Sounds like United spent some time this off season figuring out how to make everything work better for the diesel crowd. I think they got it all worked out, think you guys will be pleased...
  13. RockinJW

    new 09 pics

    Nice truck, but the tip looks like it should be on a wood burning stove
  14. Hey guys, we're happy to announce that you can now read Diesel Tech Magazine online for FREE. The link below will take you to our webiste where you will now be able to read the entire magazine front to back just as if you were holding it in your hands, best of all this is a completely FREE trial version. If you haven't seen Diesel Tech before or don't subscribe, this is your chance to see what it's all about. Just follow the link, then click where it says March/April. http://www.dieseltechmag.com/free
  15. RockinJW

    Race Truck Project