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  1. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    Amanda , the Dateline Episode will air Monday June 22nd 10:00 Eastern Time
  2. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

  3. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    Thanks ! were working on the show truck now ... consider this the before we have vinyl in route and it will be all lettered up for Bombers Brand ! , we have 3 events already scheduled , ill be working on it this weekend building counters ect in it and getting the ball rolling
  4. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    Thanks Glad to Hear That We Will Be adding Shirts All The Time we already have about 50 more !
  5. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    will do !
  6. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    it was suppose to be the 15th , but cathy called me and said it was pushed back , most likely because of new story developments
  7. DieselMinded

    Bombers Brand Is Now Open !

    Hello, Letting you guys/gals know that Bombers Brand Is Open.. http://www.bombersbrand.com
  8. The Final Studio Cut of the Song Is Hot Off the Presses http://www.dieseldetails.com/Audio/7th%20Cycle-Cocaine_Propane%20Final.mp3 The Music Video Will start to be assembled very soon !!
  9. I seen that , I think your new logo rocks the art work on the turbos and the fire is really good !
  10. Hey Guys/Gals Diesel Bombers Is Teaming up with 7th Cycle to make a Song For Diesel Enthusiasts for our next video ,, Its going to be awesome , Were looking for some good Diesel Videos to be in the video . Do you have any of your Own ? If So Then we would love to have your diesel in the video ... Saturday i went down to the 7th Cycle Practice area in Logan Ohio , We had a bit too much to drink which explains the goofy video of "the Making of" , It turns out there tour bus is broke down and it has a power stroke , We should have it back on the road Soon !!! Its an exchange of favors so ill ask one from you We Need Diesel Video Footage !! http://www.dieselbombers.com/contests-give-aways/21109-7th-cycle-cd-giveaway-propane-video-build.html Thanks for your help , we will do our best to make this the Best Diesel Enthusiasts Music Video Ever . See It in the making and Send us Diesel Footage
  11. Cool Deal Bud anything to help get the word out DM
  12. Lets get Idaho Turbo Diesels On here www.topdieselsites.com And all the sponsors here as well its totally free and helps get the good word out about you
  13. DieselMinded

    looks like dave got swanked

    FYI a post i made on this thread on 08-05-2007, 11:06 PM - Post 15 on this thread Now its Sept 2008 , and on the 2nd of Sept my ® Went threw , Once you file your name is a ™ automatically then once you get the registration its an ® , ive had about 4 different communications with the feds and finally got er done Diesel Bombers ® is now a reality and i have to refile in a few years or ill lose it , what a PITA , but im now protected by the USA and Intellectual Property Rights Law of Registered Trademarks We are Reg. No. 3,494,401 Cls. 100, 101 & 104 Under Int. Cl. 38. The site i used to get the ball rolling is www.directlegal.com , if you want to do it pay the extra and get the filing also
  14. DieselMinded

    Pending Issue With Stacks

    Dennis Are you sure you couldnt find a bigger Avatar
  15. DieselMinded

    Pending Issue With Stacks

    its sad that this is even brought up. How could you even patent something like that ?