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  1. Blue2002

    Ram Trucks

    +2 ..."why didnt they show psd equipped big trucks and tractors. oh,,,,,,,, thats right!!!! lite duty"
  2. Blue2002

    Sen. McGee

    Maybe, the Idaho Statesman indicated he had registered a 0.15 BAC when he was taken to the ADA County Jail. Not sure if there is a medical condition for I'm a dumbass and forgot I was drinking. Charged with DUI. News indicates he was charged with Grand Theft and DUI. How can he effectively manage to do his job if he can't even manage himself?
  3. Just filled up my truck and it shows only 1/3 full. So I'm guessing the fuel sending unit in the tank has probably bad. Not looking forward to dropping the tank or raising the bed I'm only running 275 injectors with an aftermarket holley pump on the frame rail (no in tank pump). What are my options for replacing the sending unit?
  4. Hi Muddy,

    I may have a fuel sender going out. What are the best aftermarket options for replacing the fuel sender for us second generation folks,

    Thanks ,


  5. Blue2002

    Hey you BSU guys..

    Go Broncos!!!
  6. Blue2002

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    They installed all Moog Parts.
  7. Blue2002

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    Found out that you need to be careful of the taper angle on the rods ends. The end of the drag link on the pittman arm side had a different angle than the factory (for the part numbers that I had). I decided to stay with the orignal setup rather than mess around trying to make sure the ends had the correct taper. If someone knows the correct parts, then this thread might be good for another member who decides to go with the upgrade.
  8. Blue2002

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    Bump. Has anyone around the valley done a Y steering to T steering upgrade on a 2002 or 2001?
  9. Blue2002

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    Only 66K light duty, light towing.
  10. Blue2002

    jobs near Eagle?

    just thinking out loud - maybe Penske, Ryder, or other local transportation companies/entities? School Bus Companies, ITD.
  11. The Drag Link and Tie Rod have gone bad on my 2002 Dodge 4x4. I'm thinking about going from the Stock Inverted Y setup to the Modified T Setup. I plan on noting toe, as well as distance and axle to frame position to get the alignment close to original location before having one of the local joints do the alignment. Truck has DSS installed. Also I plan to remain with stock lift. Is this an easy conversion? Does anyone have a parts list available? Is there anything that I have to watch out for? Side Note Edited. Bruneel was correct about the passenger side upper and lower ball joints being bad. I eat crow on this one. All four Ball Joints were solid as far as side play, but passenger side had a lot of up down movement. I also have slop on both ends of the drag link and where the tie rod connects to the drag link~~. I plan on replacing ball joints, drag links, and tie rod once I get feedback on the T setup. then having Bruneel do the alignment. Thanks George
  12. Blue2002

    Head On Crash Between a Silverado & Ram

    That Ram is just posing with his newest trophy.
  13. Blue2002

    P0234 Error Code

    Thanks 99. I never did notice the CEL indication. I only noticed it when i turn the key 3 times to check for error codes.
  14. Blue2002

    P0234 Error Code

    How many engine cycles does it take for a P0234 code to clear once the error condition is removed? My truck came up with a P0234 Error code about two months ago. I cleaned the MAP Sensor and disconnected the Edge EZ. Then I drove like an old granny to keep the boost down. After a while the the error cleared on its own but eventually came back. I reconnected the EZ about a month ago and replaced the MAP sensor today. I suspect it was the MAP sensor and I'm hoping it's not the EZ. George
  15. Like Nate said it's 'The' site. George