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  1. POWER Freak

    Washable Air Filter Warning!

    I think that AFEs are one of the best aftermarket "performance" filters you can run on these trucks. Any problems I've heard with aftermarket filters is due to user error. I also think the BHAF is a great mod but if it's neglected it will cause the same problems mentioned earlier.
  2. I don't think I'll be able to make this one. I'm planning on going to Redding on the 19th.
  3. POWER Freak

    Homemade Fuel Pin

    Lookin good. Much better than the ground stock pin.
  4. POWER Freak

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    I'll have to take you for a ride the next time I make it to an event Muddy. I want to hit a couple more local dyno days this year as well as a couple big ones I'd have to travel to. I really want to try and hit 1100 fuel only with the DDP 200s and then maybe go crazy with some 300s. We'll see. Thanks again though guys for the positive feedback it was an awesome event and I hope to make it to a couple more this year.
  5. POWER Freak

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    These are my runs from the dyno day. I'm not happy with the flair on the end. Talked to the guys at motor mayhem and they said it was some kind of tach problem. Here's some runs from the day before when Pat was doing some tuning with the SSR. max hp1031.02 max tq1589.28 max hp1004.23 max tq 1593.83
  6. POWER Freak

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    Thanks for getting those videos up for me Dano! I was having a hell of a time last night and gave up. Also thanks for the low smoke and underhood picture. I should be able to post some pics of my sheets tomorrow aswell.
  7. POWER Freak

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    I can't figure out how to embed the youtube videos. Workin on it.
  8. POWER Freak

    Thanks to ITD

    It was a really fun event. This one probably had the highest turnout of any of the ITD dyno days I've gone to. I saw at least 30 some trucks dyno before I had to leave.
  9. POWER Freak

    '03 to '07 Dodge Ram Cummins Upgrades For HP and MPG

    Cool info. I'd like to see this done with several different chips on the same day. Like Smarty and an Edge aswell just to see what they all did compared to each other.
  10. POWER Freak

    Intake Temp Vs. MPG.

    A lot of people say they lose mileage when they switch to winter fuel too.
  11. POWER Freak

    Free guages to LBZ duramax owner for part swap

    A guy at work has an LLY I'm not sure if that would work or not but worst case scenario you could just throw a plug in it.
  12. POWER Freak

    Still hard to start

    Thanks Millco! FIRST THING NEVER CRACK THE LINES ON A COMMON RAIL TRUCK!!! Pressures can get up to 26,000psi and higher on newer CR trucks which is more than enough to really hurt you. Anyways like Moparman said it really sounds like injectors (CP3s rarely go bad) and I can almost guarantee that changing your nozzles like an old school mechanical injector won't fix them. 9/10 times it's the valve set inside the injector that wears out (or the high pressure seal tears) and bleeds off your high pressure fuel. This is usually due to inadequate fuel filtration. Any contamination that makes its way into your injector is pressurized with the fuel to the point where it acts like sandpaper to the internals. If you have any more questions, or need to get those tested call Mastertech Diesel 327-0001.
  13. I should be able to make this one. Barely missed the last one...
  14. POWER Freak

    2006 Hard to start

    Like a few people have said on here it sounds like injectors. An injector kill test or a contribution test with a DRBIII scanner would help point you in the right direction as far as injectors go. Mastertech diesel in boise can test your injectors for you or do the other mentioned tests with a scanner.
  15. POWER Freak

    Smarty, Trany

    I'd deffinately call Dave @ Ultimate trans 631-2133. He's really helpfull and won't try and sell you stuff you don't need. It's also easy to get a hold of him after you buy the trans if you ever have any questions.