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  1. 100 Proof

    ITD Christmas party. Dec 10 and 11 2011

    Not sure I will make it, but I'd vote for the weekend of the 10th as the most likely IF I can make it. 100 Proof
  2. 100 Proof

    IDAHO DYNO DAY. SUN AUG 28th 2011

    I'm in. Been too long since I've been on the rollers. 100 Proof
  3. 100 Proof

    Wanted,, gauges

    I've got a BD X-Monitor I'd part with. 100 Proof
  4. Hey All- Good to see everyone again today! 100 Proof
  5. 100 Proof

    Van Aaken closes the door

    So who's got a smokin' deal on a VA C3.1 for a buddy of mine? 100 Proof
  6. 100 Proof

    Seen any good movies lately?

    Saw 300 last night. Great film based on a true story. 100 Proof
  7. 100 Proof

    Swank's intake

    Anybody know if Swank will bring any product to the dyno day Saturday? 100 proof
  8. 100 Proof

    Nice site!

    Thanks Guys! Just tweaking the old avatar to fit the site, I'll have it whipped in a minute. Of course, it won't be as high quality as some folks...
  9. Hey Muddy and Steve- Congrats on getting an Idaho CTD site running! 100 Proof