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    Vehicle mechanic for the Air Force
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    Transplanted in Idaho from MN (would some one please tell me where all the trees went)
  1. usafracer

    85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    Sounds like a great build!! Cant wait to see some pics.
  2. marty, good to see ya back :cheer:

  3. usafracer

    95 Chevy 6.5 Turbo

    The PMD is the black box on the side of the injection pump. It is a very common problem.
  4. I am back. I go back to work Thursday.

  5. Hey Marty! Everything here is humdrum... It's been cold and we haven't had alot of sunshine - seems like a long winter.... How are things up there? I presume you are back home now.

  6. Hey Mike how are things down there?

  7. usafracer


    We had a guy that bitched and bitched about guns in AK get mauled my a bear last year LOL. The Fu#ktard was salmon fishing and well I guess the bear wanted his catch. Too bad he lived and he still claims there is no need for gun to protect yourself.
  8. usafracer

    Lost Our Little Ricer (Again!) . . . . . .

    Glad your wife is ok and sorry to hear about the little car.
  9. usafracer

    letters from the North Pole

    If any of you out there have kids or adults LOL that would like to receive a letter from "Santa" postmarked the North Pole Keep reading. All you have to do is write a letter as if it was coming from Santa. Stick it in an envelope put a stamp and the address of the person it is going to on the envelope. Stick it in another envelope and mail it to me. I will take them to the local Post office and have them stamp it North Pole (in case some of you dont know I live in North Pole AK) I will then mail it back to you. My wife and I did this for over 500 letters last year alone. The feedback was great. Nothing like the look on a kids face when they get a letter from Santa at the North Pole. I need to have the letters no later than the 15Th of Dec to make sure you get them back before Christmas. Here is my address Martin Flora 2840 Horseshoe Way North Pole AK 99705 P.S. I know I said Pole a bunch of times get over it LOL
  10. usafracer


    My wife has one and she loves it and she is a dead shot with it. I cant hit the side of a barn from 4 feet away with it LOL.
  11. Thanks glad to see you got the site back. And I still have all my old contact info I though I had lost.

  12. welcome back marty :cheer:

  13. usafracer

    New to ID

    Welcome !!!!
  14. usafracer

    This guy seems desperate

    ****ed Over Re-built Dodge!! Sorry all you Dodge guys LOL
  15. usafracer

    This guy seems desperate

    Why its a FORD!!!!!