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  1. lumpdog

    47RE issues

    The electrical system though sounds like it is the culprit, shooting off the hip anyways. I think you are going to have to splice into the wiring with test leads and see if the pcm is commanding OD off. To me it sounds like it's time to take a step back and start going over the basics. Checking pressures, checking wiring and condition, cleaning terminals and adding dielectric grease. Inspecting all grounds, etc.. etc.. etc.. My two cents anyways. It would be a lot easier to diagnose in person and with a scanner and pressure gauges hooked up.
  2. lumpdog

    47RE issues

    Hopefully I got it all... my brain was kind of overloaded trying to read all that. It sucks you have had issues.... but it sounds like the issues are derived from the people working on it and not so much the parts themselves. I just got done building a trans in a 2001 that was converted from manual to Auto, everything was done right... pcms swapped, etc. It works flawlessly and the customer was extremely happy.
  3. lumpdog

    47RE issues

    Wow..... So, from what I read, other than it kicking out of OD now, everything works ok??? The 47re is a relatively simple control and fairly easy to diagnose most of the time. If the computer is seeing something wrong, the trans will limp into 3rd gear every time. But if the light is coming on steady, it really makes me think that the PCM is seeing an erroneous signal from the OD switch. I'm guessing you do have the OD switch on the dash?? Personally to me it really seems like there is a wiring short in the OD cancel button to the PCM. I really like the Chrysler autos, and would put a good one behind anything. Even though they have a few quirks, they are a very stout trans.
  4. lumpdog

    BD Diesel 60hp first gen injectors

    Thanks Bob! Was planning on running 4" straight exhaust out the rear of this truck. So maybe I should try them then... someday anyways. Gathering up parts finally for my swap again. Keep changing the direction I am going...
  5. lumpdog

    From Virginia (for now)

    Why is your 47re a PITA??? And welcome!
  6. lumpdog

    Is it time for injectors?

    Hey Kevin... What mods are you running now?? Pump upgrades?? Turbo upgrades?? Cam?? Are you planning to soon? Cause maybe some better than stock injectors should be in your future...
  7. Been kind of searching around for reviews. I ended up with a brand new set of 1040171 BD injectors. They say they are race only on the site, but that is with stock timing, fuel pin, and turbo. I called BD and talked with them a little bit and came away with mixed opinions. I have a Denny T stage 2 pin, and an hx35 turbo with 14cm housing to run on this motor, was wondering if these sticks would be way smoky...
  8. lumpdog

    LMC Catalog 1972 to 1993

    Awesome!!!! Woo Hoo!
  9. lumpdog


    Is it to replace your 4500?? Cause I think the 5600's are weaker than a well built 4500. Personally, I have seen way more failures than I ever have in the 4500's.
  10. lumpdog


    Yup, this ammo thing sucks... Couldn't find and 9mm, .357, or .38 .......
  11. lumpdog

    will a 1998 7.3 work in a 1996

    Is the engine complete with turbo and injectors?? Or are we talking about just a long block minus accessories?? Base engine shouldn't be much different as the rebuild kits out there service 94-03. Injectors, ICP, HPOP, Valve cover gaskets and harnesses, are different between the years...
  12. I have not used them, but I know they sell a ton of Ball Joints for the later ball joint 60 axles with good results in strength and wear. I will be ordering some soon hopefully for my Blazer on 37's. The wide heavy tires and off road use eat ball joints up. I don't want a 60 in it as the rest of the axle is more than strong enough for what I am doing.
  13. I think I would try a set of Synergy Suspension ball joints to how they hold up. http://www.synergysuspension.com/Synergy-Suspension-D30-D44-D50-D60-Heavy-Duty-Front-Ball-Joint-Sets-p-26182.html
  14. lumpdog

    fluid leak

    ???? pics?? better description??
  15. lumpdog

    Need some Powerstroke advice......

    Yup, spoke with Clay at length about mods for the power levels my customer wants. We are switching to a single shot style injector in a stage one setup. Talked to Tony Wildman and he is going to reburn the chip for the mods we are doing. Finding a black cps seems to be hard, but Clay at RiffRaff sells and recommends using the early dark grey one.