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  1. wes, good to see you on again :cheer:

  2. btw, the jackass message supposeably posted by elkslayer was not posted by elkslayer, but posted by former staff member d/unit who had hacked elkslayers account.

  3. Welcome back your truck is cool like mine

  4. Pretty well done video here

    Here is one I put together some time ago.
  5. What are you towing???

    No, it was something you said one night in chat, and I thought it was funny.
  6. What are you towing???

    It's my friends trailer, his is going to use it for 2 sprint boats, when I was pulling it, it was empty and still weighed in at 10,000#.
  7. What are you towing???

    This is 48' and 10,000# longest and heavest load I have pulled with a pick-up.
  8. Head On Crash Between a Silverado & Ram

    Looks like they both lost, just one may live again.
  9. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    The heat part on these mirrors is great, push the button and the snow and ice melt off so nice, I can believe I lived with out it on my 95 for so long, I may have to get another set when I get the 95 running again. $$$
  10. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    I should have done a better right up with pic's from start to finish, when I do the ones for the 96 I will do just that, so the people that have the older rigs can see how to hook up the power and heat.
  11. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    You did it, you will really like these mirrors.
  12. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    WOW, that is a better deal then I came up with, good find.
  13. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    Remember the mirrors on the white 01 are aftermarket, power and heated, the mirrors on the silver 95 are oem non power non heated from an 01.
  14. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    More pic's
  15. power heated flip out tow mirrors

    Here are the pic's