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  1. whos ugly dmax in the last pic:poke: j/k shane
  2. sat 5/23 evanston wy

    I am going and taking the sled pull truck to make it a drag racer lol, anyone wants to go we can make a convoy over
  3. vid of the sled pull truck

    well Just got the timing bumped up to 21.5* it pulls like a mother just raced a auto 07 common rail with smarty tnt and other mods from a dead stop and missed a gear and still caught back up to him, if I wouldnt have missed the gear I would have stomped him, had him by 3 truck lengths of the launch and he is an auto, but I was launching in 3rd gear about 20 psi and 4000 rpms
  4. Sled Pull/ Dyno Day in Idaho Falls 6/20

    enough to fix my motor after i use a full bottle of nitrous lol thats the first i really have heard II doing some sponsoring around here rather then at rmr
  5. vid of the sled pull truck

    no pulls on it yet hopefully it is ready by then turbo wont spool right now
  6. vid of the sled pull truck

    here is a vid of the 12v puller
  7. Little ITD get together at my Place..

    ok shane or zach send it to me and I will post it up.
  8. ITD DYNO DAY, SUNDAY MAY 17th 2009 at MMS in Meridian

    when was you planning on leaving
  9. ITD DYNO DAY, SUNDAY MAY 17th 2009 at MMS in Meridian

    might make a trip up, wont know tell last minute though
  10. ROTM May Entry

    2009 3500 Megacab Laramie Engine 6.7l common rail Transmission 68rfe Suspension Rancho 4" suspension lift Tires 37/12.50/17 Dick Cepek Mountain cats Mods Bully Dog pmt Ts Performance mp8 Afe stage 2 II stage 1 cp3 5" tbe 8" tip Autometer boost guage Quad rail pressure guage egr cooler delete dpf delete Mileage 3200
  11. No longer employed at Diesel Tech Mag

    yep it sucks, i have been layed off since december and just barely getting back to work next month, hang in there it will turn out for the best
  12. a list of chysler dealers getting shut down

    the dealer here in town said if they would have been on the list they would have gone to used car dealer and no one would have lost there jobs so alot of them might be doing something like that instead of shutting down.
  13. a list of chysler dealers getting shut down

    its been posted on about all forums now, not sure how to just link to the pdf or I would have down that.
  14. a list of chysler dealers getting shut down

    http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/attachments/6-7-liter-general-discussion/15513d1242318804-closing-chrysler-dealers-chryslerdealers.pdf chysler is shutting down 789 dealers here is the list